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Thursday, June 6, 2013
by James Tuttle
Thu 6/6/2013
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JimH notes: Five theme answers have a FALLING OUT.
1.Lingo suffix : ESE
4.City down the river from Florence : PISA
8."Seriously!" : ISWEAR
14.Accepted defeat : CONCEDED
16.Explain in detail : SPELLOUT
17.A and others : ARTICLES
18.Horse-drawn vehicle : LANDAU
19.Begin a journey : STRIKEOUT
20.Took care of business : SAWTOIT
21.Shed item : HOE
22.Lines first used on a pack of Wrigley's gum: Abbr. : UPC
24.Word before "happiness," "majesty" and "fame" at the start of a Shelley poem : NOR
25.Discovers : FERRETSOUT
29.They're taken in hammocks : NAPS
32.Ref. with more than 2 1/2 million quotations : OED
33.It's for the birds : SUET
36.Decline : DIP
37.Like many first-time voters : TEENAGE
41.Dante's "The Divine Comedy," e.g. : TRILOGY
43.Return addressee? : IRS
44.Badlands sight : MESA
46.Teachers' union: Abbr. : NEA
47.Del ___ (fast-food chain) : TACO
49.Supermarket option : PAPERBAG
53.Consist of : ARE
55.Hoopster Ming : YAO
56."___ won't!" : NOI
58.Faces : ASPECTS
61.Where something's always brewing? : TEAROOM
65.Relax : CHILLOUT
66.Quarrel ... or a feature of five answers in this puzzle : FALLINGOUT
67.World capital that's a setting for three Bond films : NASSAU
68."See!" : ITOLDYOU
69.Doc Brown in the "Back to the Future" films : EMMETT
70.Frosted Flakes mascot : TONY
71.Clever comment : MOT
1.PayPal funds, e.g. : ECASH
2.Kinda : SORTOF
3.Access card, say : ENTREE
4.Modest kiss : PECK
5.Lay off : IDLE
6.Escort to the door : SEEOUT
7.Some plugs : ADS
8.Santo Domingo is on one : ISLA
9.Give rise to : SPAWN
10.Continued : WENTON
11.Conquistador's quest : ELDORADO
12.Jai ___ : ALAI
13.Lopsided win : ROUT
15.Early second-century year : CII
20.Kit Carson, professionally : SCOUT
23.Ltr. addenda : PSS
26.Former White House nickname : RON
27.Enlarge a hole in : REAM
28.Lip : EDGE
30.Big eater : PIG
31.Plant, maybe : SPY
34.Marine eagle : ERNE
35.Rank : TIER
37."___-Willow" (song from "The Mikado") : TIT
38.Unsuccessful '70s-'80s cause : ERA
39.Much film watching, e.g. : ESCAPISM
40.Awards show named for a TV network : ESPYS
42.Chem class may have one : LAB
45.Little battery : AAA
48."Otherwise ..." : ORELSE
50.Food named six times in a children's number rhyme : POTATO
51.Assumed name : ANONYM
52.Kind of eyes : GOOGOO
54.Brilliance : ECLAT
57.Words from one who'd rather not call? : IMOUT
58.Case that may be treated with cream : ACNE
59.Phony : SHAM
60.Promote : TOUT
62.North Carolina university : ELON
63.Join (with) : ALLY
64.Cleanse (of) : RID
66.Toned : FIT

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