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Friday, June 14, 2013
by Patrick Berry
Fri 6/14/2013
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1.Low interest indicator : YAWN
5.Stick : STAB
9."Debts and ___ are generally mixed together": Rabelais : LIES
13.Give a second hearing? : ECHO
14.Go places : TOUR
15.Buffet table utensil : LADLE
16.His death prompted Georges Pompidou to say "France is a widow" : CHARLESDEGAULLE
19.Show stopper : COMMERCIALBREAK
20.Church cry : HOSANNA
21.Spoke lovingly : COOED
22.Vegas casino that hosts the World Series of Poker, with "the" : RIO
23.Celebrated racehorse nicknamed "The Red Terror" : PHARLAP
25.Furniture usually with pillows : DIVAN
28.Hangs on : WAITS
29.Surfing area? : WEB
31.Light weapon : EPEE
32.Uppercut targets : CHINS
33.Pier 1 furniture material : CANE
34.Not looking 100% well : WAN
35.Bad, for good : SLANG
36.Singer Taylor : DAYNE
37.Notwithstanding : DESPITE
39.Soft lens's makeup : GEL
40.Jewelry chain : ZALES
41.Ultimate problem solver : PANACEA
45.Words after "Oh well" : YOUCANTWINEMALL
48.Loaded roll : EVERYTHINGBAGEL
49.They rate high on the Beaufort scale : GALES
50.Pot addition : ANTE
51.Terminus of the old Virginia and Truckee Railroad : RENO
52.Ziploc competitor : GLAD
53.They're often bagged : TEAS
54."This is quite a surprise!" : ISAY
1.Less polite way of saying "no thanks" to offered food : YECCH
2.Evidence of an allergic reaction : ACHOO
3.Collides with noisily : WHAMS
4.1979 film based on the life of Crystal Lee Sutton : NORMARAE
5.Pink fuel : STERNO
6.Opera with the aria "Recondita armonia" : TOSCA
7.Volkswagen subsidiary : AUDI
8.Getting through : BREACHING
9.Daphne, after her mythical transformation : LAUREL
10.Wasted, as time : IDLEDAWAY
11."Phantom Lady" co-star Raines : ELLA
12.Go for : SEEK
15.Exerts oneself : LABORS
17.Survivor of two 1918 assassination attempts : LENIN
18.Rejoices tactlessly : GLOATS
23."The American Crisis" pamphleteer : PAINE
24.One of the Colonial Colleges, informally : PENN
25.Ground water? : DEW
26.Paperless way to read the paper : IPAD
27.Only founding member of OPEC not located in the Mideast : VENEZUELA
28."Come again?" : WHATSTHAT
30.Wax worker : BEE
32.Ad agency acquisition : CLIENT
33.Fried appetizer : CALAMARI
35.Flares : SPLAYS
36.Summer Triangle star : DENEB
38.Not to be disrespected : SACRED
39.River mentioned in the Rig Veda : GANGES
41.Historic caravel : PINTA
42.Bar rooms? : CAGES
43.Tennis's Dementieva : ELENA
44.Many a filling material : ALLOY
45.One with a job opening? : YEGG
46.Like the leaves of a trailing arbutus : OVAL
47.Robert Louis Stevenson described it as "bottled poetry" : WINE

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