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Saturday, June 1, 2013
by Barry C. Silk
Sat 6/1/2013
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1.Stephen King horror anthology : CREEPSHOW
10.Yoke attachment : OXBOW
15.Great depression? : HURRICANE
16.Egg choice : LARGE
17.They're available in alleys : OPENLANES
18.Wholly : INALL
19.Short play? : REC
20.The King's followers? : ANDI
21.Like some taxes and questions : EVADED
22.Considered revolting : DETESTED
24.Struck : XED
25.Pick : OPT
26.Home of the Aggies of the 37-Down : LASCRUCES
31.Below the surface : BURIED
34.Québec map abbr. : STE
35.Arena support? : OLE
36.Remove, as a 45-Across : UNSCREW
38.Grand alternative : UPRIGHT
41.Trip option: Abbr. : RTE
42.She plagues ladies' lips with blisters, per Mercutio : MAB
44.Game of falling popularity? : TETRIS
45.It fits around a mouth : BOTTLECAP
49.Bangladesh export : TEA
50.Using : VIA
51.Aviation safety statistic : NEARMISS
55.What's often blowing in the wind : POLLEN
58.Show piece : DEMO
59.Floral arrangement : LEI
60.Floor plan data : AREAS
61.Painful spa treatment : BIKINIWAX
63.Had an inclination : LEANT
64.Nevertheless : ATANYRATE
65.Roman world : MONDO
66.Justice from the Bronx : SOTOMAYOR
1.What a speaker may strike : CHORD
2.Nepalese bread : RUPEE
3.Classic Meccano toy : ERECTORSET
4.Midwest trailer? : ERN
5.Embedded column : PILASTER
6.Hardly any : SCANT
7.Haydn's "master of us all" : HANDEL
8.Upstate New York natives : ONEIDAS
9.Unseld of the Bullets : WES
10.Twist in fiction : OLIVER
11.Hit soundtrack album of 1980 : XANADU
12.Stationery securer : BRAD
13.Look while delivering a line : OGLE
14.Metalworker's union? : WELD
21.Leaving out : EXCEPT
23.Grand : EPIC
27.Good name for a brooder? : STU
28.How many reach the top of Pikes Peak : COGRAILWAY
29.Not grade-specific : ELHI
30.Loses liquidity : SETS
31.Bellflower or Bell Gardens, vis-à-vis L.A. : BURB
32.Quaint preposition : UNTO
33.Put down : DEMEAN
37.New Mexico State sports grp. : WAC
39."Cloth diaper" or "film camera" : RETRONYM
40.Bullet follower : ITEM
43.Frito ___ (old ad symbol) : BANDITO
46.Cable channel with the slogan "Laugh More" : TVLAND
47.Doesn't level with : LIESTO
48.Check out for a second : PEEKAT
52.Certain building block, informally : AMINO
53.Former defense grp. : SEATO
54.Knick foe : SIXER
55.One with hot dates, maybe : PALM
56.___ Biscuit (1912 debut) : OREO
57.Spare : LEAN
61.Low, in Lyon : BAS
62.Portfolio part, for short : IRA

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