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Sunday, April 28, 2013
by Patrick Berry
Sun 4/28/2013SOFT T'S
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1.Coating on some facial tissues : ALOEVERA
9.Typical Busby Berkeley film : MUSICAL
16.They're often wasted : SOTS
20.Drove fast : BARRELED
21.Athena turned her into a spider : ARACHNE
22.Riverbank basker, informally : CROC
23.What faking a stomachache might entail? : CREATIVEWRITHING
25.At any point : EVER
26."Blueberries for ___" (classic children's book) : SAL
27.With 91-Across, 1976 album with a palindromic title : OLE
28.Fluoride, for one : ION
29.Ship that sailed "the ocean blue" : NINA
30.Gun belts, holsters and nightstick straps? : THELEATHEROFTHELAW
38.In advance : UPFRONT
41.Contend : VIE
42.Loan-insuring org. : FHA
43.Architectural designer Maya : LIN
44.QB with a statue at Sun Life Stadium : MARINO
45.Dismounts like an expert gymnast? : GETSOFFLITHELY
50.Uses a keyless entry system? : BREAKSIN
52.Promise : ASSURANCE
53.They go places : ROADS
54."___ Andy's Ballyhoo" ("Show Boat" song) : CAPN
56.Move briskly : TROT
57.Engaged in battle : HADAT
61.Group with a Grand Lodge : ELKS
62.Bach's "___, meine Freude" : JESU
63.Contraction in a patriotic song : OER
64.Actress Wright of "Mrs. Miniver" : TERESA
65.Growth ring? : LEI
66.Women's pants with pictures of wood shop tools? : LATHEBLOOMERS
70.Word before pole or jump : SKI
71.Sci-fi author ___ del Rey : LESTER
73.Take to sleep with, say : BED
74.Good at scheming : WILY
75.Four-legged newborn : FOAL
76.Drained of color : ASHEN
77.Time for TV debuts : FALL
79.City near Turin : ASTI
80.Author/media observer Michael : WOLFF
81.They don't face the street : SIDEDOORS
84.1992 Olympic tennis gold medalist : CAPRIATI
86.Become a new person by washing up? : BATHEANDSWITCH
90."I've got something to say" : LISTEN
91.See 27-Across : ELO
92.Pres. advisory grp. : NSC
93.Buddy : BRO
94.Men in a lineup : BATTERS
95.Unpopular ophthalmologist's implement? : ASCYTHEFORSOREEYES
101.What a fist might represent : ROCK
102.Wall St. event : IPO
103.Sound of frustration : GRR
104.It had a hub at J.F.K. : TWA
107.Founding member of OPEC : IRAN
108.What the giggling supporter of the Salem witch trials was told? : NOLAUGHINGMATHER
115.Defender of the West : NATO
116.It keeps things moving : INERTIA
117.Squad leader : SERGEANT
118.Make mouseholes, maybe : GNAW
119.Retiree's accumulation : NESTEGG
120.Arsenic ___ (ratsbane) : TRIOXIDE
1.Elementary school group? : ABCS
2.Pasternak heroine : LARA
3.Pitcher Hershiser : OREL
4.Disco ___ : ERA
5.Hound doc : VET
6.Certain Ivy Leaguer : ELI
7.Rise up : REVOLT
8.One-named singing star with the surname Adkins : ADELE
9.Render imperfect : MAR
10.Central Swiss canton : URI
11."Gymnopédies" composer : SATIE
12.Blood of the Greek gods : ICHOR
13.Trouser fabric : CHINO
14.___ Taylor : ANN
15.Journey segment : LEG
16.All-too-public spat : SCENE
17.First name in aviation : ORVILLE
18.Painted thing, sometimes : TOENAIL
19.Lacking meat : SCRAWNY
24.Use a flying shuttle : WEAVE
30.Common chords : TRIADS
31.Rush-hour din : HONKS
32.Grandson of Adam and Eve : ENOS
33.Moon larger than Mercury : TITAN
34.Physiology Nobelist Walter Rudolf ___ : HESS
35.E equivalent : FFLAT
36.Watery : THIN
37.Cooks up : HATCHES
38.Sidewalk cafe sight : UMBRELLA
39.New releases? : PAROLEES
40.Bizarre : FREAKISH
45.Grind : GNASH
46.Bone: Prefix : OSTEO
47.Plows leave them : FURROWS
48.Back again : FRO
49.Catch : HEAR
51."Law & Order: SVU" actor : ICET
55.Historic multistory dwellings : PUEBLOS
58.Like ghost towns : DESOLATE
59.Show polite interest in, say : ASKAFTER
60.They were big in the '50s : TAILFINS
62.Place for tips : JAR
63.Seasoned : OLD
64.Seriously annoy : TRY
66.Willing to let things slide : LENIENT
67.In the hold, say : BELOW
68.Gymnast Gaylord : MITCH
69."Essays of ___" : ELIA
72."Music in the Key of Love" composer : TESH
75.Forces (upon) : FOISTS
77.One standing around the house, maybe : FENCE
78.Mention parenthetically : ADD
79.Bygone Chevy van : ASTRO
80.Form letters : WRITE
82.Recipe amount : DASH
83.Saucy fare : RIBS
85.Be in the game : PLAY
86.Comportment : BEARING
87.Late finisher : ALSORAN
88.Many a Bach composition : TOCCATA
89.Long little doggie : CORGI
94.Thomas who wrote "Little Big Man" : BERGER
96."... see what I mean?" : YKNOW
97.Cabinet members? : FILES
98.Some MoMA works : OPART
99.Maze answer : ROUTE
100.Bond villain ___ Stavro Blofeld : ERNST
104.Cuisine with curry : THAI
105.Proceed : WEND
106.Funny Johnson : ARTE
108."Little Birds" author : NIN
109.Possible lunch hour : ONE
110.Massive memory unit, informally : GIG
111.Miss America she's not : HAG
112.Noninvasive med. procedure : MRI
113.In former days : AGO
114.Cowpoke moniker : TEX

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