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Saturday, April 20, 2013
by David Steinberg
Sat 4/20/2013
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1.Best-selling Apple app : GARAGEBAND
11."The Kudlow Report" airer : CNBC
15.It burns quickly : ONECALORIE
16.Currency whose name can become its country's name by changing its last letter to an N and scrambling : RIAL
17.Outlaws : INTERDICTS
18.Prefix with phobia : ACRO
19.Like some pliers : NEEDLENOSE
20.Fashion inits. : DKNY
21.O.A.S. member : ARG
22.Symbols of innocence : LILIES
24.Some Southerners : CAJUNS
28.Supporter to keep a watchful eye on : FRENEMY
30.Cup, maybe : AWARD
31.Shade of red : BRICK
32.They're not definite : IFS
34.Wistful plaint : AHME
35.Lock that's hard to open? : PLAIT
36.Not procrastinating : ONIT
37.Point of writing : NIB
38.___ Club : LIONS
39.Rub : CHAFE
40.Naturalist who coined the term "invertebrate" : LAMARCK
42.Powerful engine : RAMJET
43.Music style of La Mafia : TEJANO
44.___-de-Marne (department near Paris) : VAL
45.Go up against : ABUT
46.Children's book ending : ZASINZEBRA
53.It may be pasteurisé : LAIT
54.Complete : HEADTOTAIL
55.Colosseum cry : ECCE
56.Its highest rank is Wonsu : KOREANARMY
57.Big TV announcement, informally : SKED
58.Like Barack Obama's early schoolmates : INDONESIAN
1."How's it ___?" : GOIN
2.Rice on shelves : ANNE
3.Bundle of nerves : RETE
4.Blasted through : ACED
5.Anadem : GARLAND
6.Some council members : ELDERS
7.Comics sound : BOING
8.Western gas brand : ARCO
9.What the picky pick : NITS
10.Uncheck, say : DESELECT
11.One may be a rocker : CRADLE
12.Singer with the platinum album "Pink Friday" : NICKIMINAJ
13.Five-time Emmy-winning role : BARNEYFIFE
14.Sugar sometimes does it : CLOYS
23.Shade of black : INK
24."Thief" star, 1981 : CAAN
25.Not recently : AWHILEBACK
26.California-based smoothie chain : JAMBAJUICE
27.Suffix with press : URE
28.Open : FRANK
29."The Battle With the Slum" writer : RIIS
31.Eastern ___ : BLOC
33.Reinstate, in a way : STET
35.Small meat-stuffed pastries : PIROZHKI
36.Bit of resistance : OHM
38.Certain computer grouping, for short : LAN
39.Trattoria selection : CALZONE
41.Ready to be framed, say : MATTED
42.Banging noise : RANTAN
43.Much lore : TALES
44.A clip may come from it : VIDEO
47.Part of the earth's history : AEON
48.Reddish-brown quartz : SARD
49.H's : ETAS
50.Adriatic seaport : BARI
51.Italian verse form : RIMA
52.Kirk ___, first actor to play Superman on the big screen : ALYN

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