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Friday, April 19, 2013
by Ned White
Fri 4/19/2013
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1.Rob Lowe was one : BRATPACKER
11.Screen : SIFT
15.It reflects radio waves : IONOSPHERE
16."Well, Did You ___?" : EVAH
17.Holds water : MAKESSENSE
18.She said "Don't be humble. You're not that great" : MEIR
19.Many a trop. paradise : ISL
20.Unlike radio shows : SEEN
21."Scooby-Doo" girl : DAPHNE
23.Bikini event, briefly : NTEST
25.Down a sports drink, say : REHYDRATE
27.Comparison words : ISTO
28.In ___ (as placed) : SITU
29.Took from the top : REDID
30.See 12-Down : UPTOHERE
33."Love ___ Ball" (Glenn Ford film) : ISA
34.British Columbia's longest river : FRASER
37.It might elicit a shrug : APATHY
39.Garbage : ROT
40.Put a seal of approval on, overseas : NOTARISE
44."There's many ___ ..." : ASLIP
46.Classic publisher of paperbacks : AVON
47.Composer Harris and others : ROYS
51.Spouse's entreaty starter, perhaps : BEANANGEL
53.Giverny's most famous resident : MONET
54.Evidencing change? : JANGLY
55.Occasion for the fleet : RACE
57.Compass dir. : SSE
58.Not taken by : ONTO
59.It's still open to investigation : ACTIVECASE
62.Syllabus segment : UNIT
63.Deposit memo : CREDITSLIP
64.They're often ticked off: Abbr. : SECS
65.Alex P. Keaton and Marcia Brady each had two : KIDSISTERS
1.1935-37 home for Hemingway : BIMINI
2.Some tributes : ROASTS
3.It may have its charms : ANKLET
4.Digital print source? : TOE
5.Covert call : PSSST
6.Projection for some kneelers : APSE
7."À bientôt," across the Channel : CHEERIO
8.Cole of fashion : KENNETH
9.Sites of many revivals, briefly : ERS
10.Thin-sounding : REEDY
11.Unvarying, in music : SEMPRE
12.With 30-Across, shout of frustration : IVEHADIT
13.A bit woozy : FAINTISH
14.Like some weekends : THREEDAY
22.Promo team : ADREPS
24.___-chef : SOUS
26.Orange or plum : HUE
28.Minute Maid Park team member, for short : STRO
31.Mate via mail : PENPAL
32.Game stopper : RAIN
34.Splendid, humorously : FRABJOUS
35.Waitress at the fictional Lobo Lounge : ROSEANNE
36.Canaries' setting : ATLANTIC
38.Flying start? : AERO
41.Make it? : TAG
42.Like some eyes and disasters : AVERTED
43.Sponsor of baseball's Relief Man Award : ROLAIDS
45.Reserved bars? : INGOTS
48.Marked down : ONSALE
49.Private reply : YESSIR
50.Pickles, e.g. : STEEPS
52.New York home of the painter Edward Hopper : NYACK
53.Boy-girl connection : MEETS
56.Year in Trajan's reign : CVII
60.Shout, to Cherie : CRI
61.Part of Fla. is on it : CST

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