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Thursday, April 18, 2013
by Stu Ockman
Thu 4/18/2013
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JimH notes: I've highlighted the meandering theme answers with the range of ALPs so you can see how nicely symmetric everything is.
1."This bag is not ___" : ATOY
8.Figures in statistics : MODES
13.Film resident of Crab Key Island : DRNO
14.Apple, e.g. : POME
15.Instrument bearing the coat of arms of France's Charles IX : AMATI
16.Go-between : MIDDLEMAN
18.Pen pal? : FELON
19.Futile : INVAIN
22.Where seawater remains after an ebb : TIDALPOOL
23.Quick refreshment : NAP
25.Apricot relative : SLOE
26.Psalm ender : SELAH
32.Eleniak of "Baywatch" : ERIKA
35."___ Longstocking" : PIPPI
37.Earth, e.g. : ORB
38.Unethical law enforcement practice : RACIALPROFILING
39.Breathers : LULLS
41.Strong irritation : IRE
42.___ charmed life : LEADA
43.Home of "The Nude Maja" : PRADO
44.Baseball, in America : NATIONALPASTIME
46.Way to see the world? : ATLAS
48.Early 12th-century year : MCIV
50.Switzerland's ___ Gorge : AAR
54.Engine's output : MECHANICALPOWER
58.Illuminated from above : TOPLIT
60.Divide up : ALLOT
61.Shelf on a cliff : ROCKLEDGE
63.Gunk : SLIME
64.Da capo ___ : ARIA
65.Push : TOUT
66.Caught on video : TAPED
67.Long writers' blocks? : LEGALPADS
68.High points of which five are found going up in this puzzle : ALPS
1.Accept, as an error : ADMIT
2.Lopez with the 1965 hit "Lemon Tree" : TRINI
3.One way to see a movie : ONDVD
4.Big-eared "Star Wars" character : YODA
5.First tuba note? : OOM
6.Stickup man on "The Wire" : OMAR
7.Jay ___ Garage (popular automotive Web site) : LENOS
8.Partners in crime : MAFIOSI
9.Western ___ : OMELET
10."Swans Reflecting Elephants" artist : DALI
11.William and Harry attended it : ETON
12.Turn state's evidence : SING
14.Kind of colony : PENAL
17.First part of a form to fill out : LINEA
21.Ruckuses : FLAPS
24.Historical name for New Guinea : PAPUA
26.Water-___ : SKI
27.Margaret Thatcher's middle name : HILDA
29.U.S.S. ___ (W.W. II battleship) : IOWA
30.TV neigh-sayer? : MRED
31.River of Iberia : EBRO
32.Leprechaun's home : ERIN
33.Scarce, to Scipio : RARA
34.Actor who made his film debut in "Breakin'," 1984 : ICET
36.SeƱorita's silver : PLATA
39."April Theses" writer : LENIN
40.Hosp. areas : ORS
42.Tracked down : LOCATED
43.Spoken, as evidence : PAROL
45.Cry upon walking in the front door : IMHOME
47."Taxi" worker : LATKA
49.Like some videos : VIRAL
51.Perfume ingredient : ALDOL
52.Exhume : DIGUP
53.Doesn't strike out in the end : STETS
54.Flag holder : MAST
55.She, in Seville : ELLA
56.Fast pace : CLIP
57.Center : CORE
59."Fur Is Dead" org. : PETA
62.Smoke : CIG

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