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Tuesday, March 26, 2013
by Samuel A. Donaldson and Doug Peterson
Tue 3/26/2013
© 2013, The New York Times
JimH notes: The NYT published this correction on March 28: "The crossword puzzle on Tuesday provided an erroneous clue for 26-Across, seeking the answer 'Gee whiz.' The clue should have read, 'Wow, you're a regular expert at turning right!' not 'Wow, you're a regular expert at turning left!'" I have corrected it below.
1."Back in Black" band : ACDC
5.Biggest diamond? : ACE
8.Arnaz and Ball's production company : DESILU
14.Title Seuss character who speaks for trees : THELORAX
16.Prefaces : INTROS
17."Wow, he survived!" : MANALIVE
18.Walked with purpose : STRODE
19.Bowling unit : FRAME
20.AOL and Comcast : ISPS
22."Hulk" director Lee : ANG
23.Airline guess, for short : ETD
24.Depot: Abbr. : STN
26."Wow, you're a regular expert at turning right!" : GEEWHIZ
29.Jacob's twin : ESAU
31.Horrified : AGHAST
33.Yucatán year : ANO
34.Renée Zellweger's role in "Chicago" : ROXIE
36.Door swinger : HINGE
38."Wow, those reptiles have mad hops!" : LEAPINLIZARDS
42.Handed out cards : DEALT
43.April 1 gag : PRANK
44.Texter's expression of surprise : OMG
45.Shortly : INASEC
48.Succumbs to gravity : SAGS
52."Wow, look at that bovine idol!" : HOLYCOW
54.Triumphant shout : AHA
56.Half of a disapproving rebuke : TUT
57.Previously named : NEE
58.Ticked (off) : TEED
60.Long, disapproving look : GLARE
62.Jackson with two Best Actress Oscars : GLENDA
64."Wow, I'm standing next to Mr. Clooney himself!" : BYGEORGE
66.Bears legend Walter : PAYTON
67.Animal that's been run over : ROADKILL
68.Like palms on a first date, perhaps : SWEATY
69.Not safe, in baseball : OUT
70."Understood" : ISEE
1.Cost of getting some quick cash : ATMFEE
2.Maps : CHARTS
3.Response to "Gracias" : DENADA
4.Happy as a ___ : CLAM
5.Jackie's second husband : ARI
6.Relenting after a standoff : CAVINGIN
7.Old flames : EXES
8.Insults, informally : DISSES
9.Sinus doc : ENT
10.Scarecrow stuffing : STRAW
11.Strong control : IRONHAND
12.Accommodations for travelers : LODGINGS
13.Employ : USE
15.Bullfight cries : OLES
21.Ryder Cup org. : PGA
25.Move from gate to runway : TAXI
27.Patriot Allen : ETHAN
28.Actress Saldana of "Avatar" : ZOE
30.Russia's ___ Mountains : URAL
32.Lends a hand : HELPS
35.Vision-related : OPTIC
37.Peeves : IRKS
38.Car buyer's protection : LEMONLAW
39.Asset of a good proofreader : EAGLEEYE
40."Understood" : IREADYOU
41.Comic actor Galifianakis : ZACH
42.Homer Simpson's exclamation : DOH
46.Zero : NOTANY
47.Dazzle : AWE
49.Classic video game consoles : ATARIS
50.Sound of draining water : GURGLE
51."Remington ___" : STEELE
53.Gossipy sort : YENTA
55.Like some wines and cheeses : AGED
59.Iberian Peninsula river : EBRO
61.Thor's archenemy in comics : LOKI
62.Satellite-based navigation aid, for short : GPS
63.One of three in an ellipsis : DOT
65.Gangster's gun : GAT

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