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Friday, March 22, 2013
by Tim Croce
Fri 3/22/2013
© 2013, The New York Times
1.Speak carefully : CHOOSEONESWORDS
16.One of Disneyland's original attractions : ROCKETTOTHEMOON
17.Part of a modern address : EMAILDOMAINNAME
18.Bloom who played Mary in "The Last Temptation of Christ" : VERNA
19.Communicated without saying anything : MIMED
20."Not in eine Million Jahre!" : NIE
21."Gotcha" : IDIG
22.Forest climbers : VINES
23."Hey-y-y-y!" sayer of sitcomdom, with "the" : FONZ
24.The Big Red Machine, on scoreboards : CIN
25.Maisons, across the Pyrenees : CASAS
26.Alternative to gunpowder : PEKOE
27.Charm : ENAMOR
29.Urquhart Castle is on it : LOCHNESS
31.One often duped: Abbr. : ORIG
33.Reason for denying entry, maybe : NOID
34.Attack as a cat might : SPRINGAT
38.Actress Landi of "The Count of Monte Cristo," 1934 : ELISSA
42.___ hammer (Mjolnir) : THORS
43.Gets something off one's back, say : SHEDS
45.Long, for short: Abbr. : OPP
46.Quiet : EASE
47.Swamp birds : SORAS
48.Like some statues and book spines : GILT
49.Lo-___ : RES
50.Front-page New York Times addition of 1997 : COLOR
51.Hoops Hall-of-Famer Baylor : ELGIN
52.Slant in print : EDITORIALSTANCE
55.Topiary figures : ORNAMENTALTREES
56.Hoped for a miracle, maybe : SAIDONESPRAYERS
1.Ice climbing hazard : CREVICE
2.Bore down (on) : HOMEDIN
3.Instrument whose name means "little goose" : OCARINA
4.Clearing : OKING
5.Actress Ward : SELA
6.Wheels-up announcement, briefly : ETD
7.Mexican Indians : OTOMIS
8.Like some fees : NOMINAL
9.Electrically neutral subatomic particle : ETAMESON
10.Starts suddenly : SHIES
11.Go along, as one's way : WEND
12.Every, in an Rx : OMN
13.The Star City of the South : ROANOKE
14.It carries out many orders : DOMINOS
15.Has a cold reaction? : SNEEZES
22.Flier to Rio : VARIG
23.Big name in handbags : FENDI
25.Podiatric problems : CORNS
26.N.L. East team, informally : PHILS
28.Silk selection : MOIRE
30.Future alumnae, quaintly : COEDS
32.Substance used in fillings? : GASOLINE
34.Rock collections may sit beside them : STEREOS
35.Daughter of King Minos : PHAEDRA
36."La Cenerentola" composer : ROSSINI
37.Distinctive parts of some hummingbirds : THROATS
39.Elegantly attired : SOIGNEE
40.Certain telecom technician : SPLICER
41.Suitability : APTNESS
44.It's turned down for extra warmth : EARLAP
47.Existentialist Kierkegaard : SOREN
48.Blazingly bright : GLARY
50."Till the End of Time" singer : COMO
51."___, Red-Hot & Live" (1982 blues album) : ETTA
53.Jot : TAD
54.Digital ___ (high-tech shooter) : SLR

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