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Saturday, December 29, 2012
by Joe Krozel
Sat 12/29/2012
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JimH notes: This grid is notable for several reasons. Most remarkably, it's the first to stack five 15-letter answer words. That's an amazing accomplishment few believed possible. The grid is asymmetric. Notice the additional 15 in the top half but none in the bottom half. (I've long held that strict adherence to symmetry limits interesting grid and theme possibilities. Would a quintuple-stack be possible if symmetry were required? Do you care?) And finally, this is the first puzzle dropping HORSE MANURE into the grid.
1.Urban contemporary : TRITT
6."Git!" : SCRAM
11.Sports org. of 1967-76 : ABA
14.Olive-colored bird : VIREO
15.World powerhouse in table tennis : CHINA
16.Word of logic : NOR
17.Bygone theory of astronomy : PTOLEMAICSYSTEM
20.Blanket : GENERAL
21.Round parts : BEERS
22.Hideous one : REPULSER
26.Get-___ (starts) : GOS
29.Obituary word : NEE
30.Bugs : VWS
33."Ugly Betty" actress : VANESSAWILLIAMS
39.Governor, e.g. : ELECTEDOFFICIAL
40."Idylls of the King," stylistically : NARRATIVEPOETRY
41.1959 doo-wop classic : ATEENAGERINLOVE
42.Alpine native : LIECHTENSTEINER
43."Grazie ___!" (Italian for "Thank God!") : ADIO
44.Basketball Hall-of-Famer Dan : ISSEL
45.Thrust item : EPEE
48.Uses for a base : RESTSON
50.Balderdash : HORSEMANURE
54.E.E.C. part: Abbr. : EUR
55.It may be bitter : ALE
56."I did it!" : SUCCESS
57.Grp. in gray : CSA
58.Gridiron distance: Abbr. : YDS
59.Sporting boots, say : SHOD
1.Tube rating : TVPG
2.It may be performed by people in robes : RITE
3.Unyielding : IRON
4.Part of 1-Down : TELE
5."___ is human ..." : TOERR
6.It has thousands of roots : SCALP
7.Half of a classic religious symbol : CHI
8.___-A-Che (rapper) : RIC
9.Response: Abbr. : ANS
10.Wishy-washy reply : MAYBE
11.Deal preceder : ANTE
12.Participant in an 1899 conflict : BOER
13.___ deal : ARMS
18.Risqué West : MAE
19.Ones to whom an organization's messages are sent : SERVICELIST
23.Frayed, perhaps : UNWOVEN
24.Funny Carol and family : LEIFERS
25."Woe is me!" types : SELFPITIERS
26.Land visited by Paul in the New Testament : GALATIA
27.Clarinet need : ONEREED
28.Concealments : SECRECIES
31."I'll be right with you" : WAITONESEC
32.Elided phrase in a Gershwin song : SMARVELOUS
33.Easily corrupted : VENAL
34.One-seat carriages : STANHOPES
35.Assailed : SETAT
36.Verona's river : ADIGE
37.They have their pride : LIONESSES
38.More crafty : SLYER
46.Certain bird herd : EMUS
47.Per : EACH
48.Wished otherwise : RUED
49.Supporter of the Heller decision, 2008: Abbr. : NRA
50.Allergy source : HAY
51.Played out : OLD
52.Abbr. after a telephone no. : RES
53.One with two or three stripes: Abbr. : NCO

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