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Sunday, November 4, 2012
by Brendan Emmett Quigley
© 2012, The New York Times
1.One to take a complaint to: Abbr. : MGR
4.It can get the blood flowing : STENT
9.Like calves at a rodeo : LASSOED
16.Crush, e.g. : POP
19.Some soft words : COO
20.Lost deliberately : THREW
21.Wave receiver : ANTENNA
22.Card game with stakes : LOO
23.Subject of three Oliver Stone films, informally : NAM
24.Fixed-term agreement : LEASE
25.Marseille mothers who are not goddesses? : MEREMORTALS
27.Half-court game? : ALAI
29.Sailing : ATSEA
31.Barber's challenge : MANE
32.Hawaiian coffees : KONAS
33.Back-to-school purchase : BINDER
35.Sense : INTUIT
37.Hot ___ : TAMALE
38."Easy" : BEGENTLE
40.Working on one's biceps and triceps in Toulon? : TRAININGBRAS
43.On the up and up : LEGIT
44.Soldier under Braxton Bragg, for short : REB
45.Female suffix : ENNE
46.Org. with badges : BSA
48.Country whose name means "he that strives with God" : ISRAEL
50.[That's awful!] : BARF
52.Quality that produces taste : SAPOR
57.Stinging insect : REDANT
59.Cowardly end in Cannes? : YELLOWFIN
62.Innocent one : BABE
63.Issue (from) : ARISE
64.Tiara component : GEM
65.It may contain traces of lead : ERASER
66.Tony winner Schreiber : LIEV
67.Less refined : CRASSER
69.Like an infant's fingers, typically : PUDGY
71.Matisse masterpiece : LADANSE
73.Actress Bosworth : KATE
74.Pathetic group : SADLOT
76.The limbo, once : FAD
78.Turkey's third-largest city : IZMIR
79.John Maynard Keynes's alma mater : ETON
80.Bordeaux bear cub? : ONEOFOURS
82.Indians' shoes : CLEATS
83."Phooey!" : NERTS
85.Fiji competitor : NAYA
86.Cosa ___ : NOSTRA
88.Nevada county : NYE
89.Spy, at times : TAIL
91.With 98-Down, "Mad Money" host : JIM
92.First capital of Alaska : SITKA
94.Online feline in Lyon? : INTERNETCHAT
100.Who said "I owe the public nothing" : JPMORGAN
103.Dead ringers? : NOOSES
104.___ Inn : RAMADA
106.Home of Gannon Univ. : ERIEPA
107.Short-tailed weasel : STOAT
108.Crib side part : SLAT
110.First college frat to charter a chapter in all 50 states : SIGEP
112.Environmental portmanteau : SMOG
113.Nine to five, generally, in Grenoble? : OFFICETEMPS
116.Certain work of subway art : MURAL
118.Word with salad or roll : EGG
119.Mauna ___ Observatory : LOA
120.Surround with shrubbery : HEDGEIN
121.Rocks for Jocks, most likely : EASYA
122.Eleanor Roosevelt ___ Roosevelt : NEE
123.Take a wrong turn : ERR
124."What's it gonna be?" : YESORNO
125.What to wear : DRESS
126.Healy who created the Three Stooges : TED
1.QB Donovan : MCNABB
2.Net guard : GOALIE
3.Prizefighter in a Parisian novel? : ROMANGLADIATOR
4.The Rams, on sports tickers : STL
5.Expert at brewing oolong in Orléans? : THEARTIST
6.Q.E.D. part : ERAT
7.Mysterious Scottish figure, informally : NESSIE
8.Many an "iCarly" fan : TWEEN
9.Hasty flight : LAM
10.Weakness : ANEMIA
11.Layers of clouds : STRATI
12.On TV, say : SEEN
13."Got a Hold ___" (1984 top 10 hit) : ONME
14."Lux" composer Brian : ENO
15.Lost time? : DARKAGES
16.Two-dimensional : PLANAR
17."De-e-eluxe!" : OOLALA
18.Entourages : POSSES
26.Indiana Jones venue : TOMB
28.___ fixe : IDEE
30.Comic Dave : ATTELL
34.Ramjets, e.g. : ENGINES
36.Populous area : URB
37.Country music channel : TNN
39.Paper size: Abbr. : LTR
41.Some foam toys : NERFS
42.Area close to home : INFIELD
44.Put on the job again : REEMPLOY
46.Large fern : BRACKEN
47.Toothed : SERRATE
49.58-Down 29-Across : AYE
50."Star Trek" villains : BORG
51.Not present at : AWAYFROM
53.Flaming : ABLAZE
54.Overseeing of a Bayonne bakery? : PAINMANAGEMENT
55.Issue for Michelle Obama : OBESITY
56.R in a car : REVERSE
58.Go-ahead : ASSENT
60.Showed, as a seat : LEDTO
61.Org. for big shots? : NRA
64.Family nickname : GRANNIE
68.That, to Tomás : ESO
70.Tucson school, briefly : UOFA
72.Eye surgeon's instrument : DILATOR
75.Was concerned (with) : DEALT
77.Cretin : ASS
81.QB legend nicknamed "the Golden Arm" : UNITAS
82.French-speaking country where illegal activity runs rampant? : CRIMEPAYS
84.Elastic : STRETCHY
87.It's more than a pinch: Abbr. : TSP
90.Interview seg. : ANS
91.What a photocopier light may indicate : JAM
93."American Idol" winner Allen : KRIS
94.Relief for plantar fasciitis : INSOLE
95.Against : NOTFOR
96.Outside of walking distance, say : TOOFAR
97.Actor Morales : ESAI
98.See 91-Across : CRAMER
99.Millinery item : HATPIN
100.Operating system between Puma and Panther : JAGUAR
101.Most distant point : APOGEE
102.Rode hard : NAGGED
105.Nickel-and-___ : DIMED
108.E.P.A. issuances: Abbr. : STDS
109.Kind of brick : LEGO
111.The language Gàidhlig : ERSE
114.Shoe width : EEE
115.___-Seal (leather protector) : SNO
117.___ Palmas, Spain : LAS

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