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Sunday, November 18, 2012
by Timothy Polin
© 2012, The New York Times
1.Christie who played half of 3-Down : JULIE
6.Epiphanies : AHAS
10.Key of Mozart's "Jupiter" Symphony: Abbr. : CMAJ
14.John O'Hara's "Appointment in ___" : SAMARRA
16.Doughnut ingredient, commercially : KREME
17.Indian melody : RAGA
18.Promotes recessive traits, say : INBREEDS
20.Picked some fruit : BERRIED
22.Religious scholar : IMAM
23.Prefix with byte : TERA
27.Dame Joan Sutherland delivery : ARIA
28.Holy ones are hard to handle : TERRORS
29.Some clerics : PARSONS
30.Equine shades : ROANS
32.Section of the Medicare law covering hospital and nursing care : PARTA
33.Kind of bar : HOOKAH
35.Honshu city devastated by the 2011 tsunami : SENDAI
37.Signature followers, for short : PSS
38.Lighthouse, e.g. : GUIDE
39.Freudian mediators : EGOS
43.O'er there : YOND
45.Drum kit components : TOMS
46.Elocution : SPEECH
48.A large one offers many courses : MENU
51.Ties up a phone line, maybe : GABS
54.Psyched (up) : AMPED
56.Floundering : ATSEA
57.Sharif who played half of 3-Down : OMAR
58.Baba au ___ : RHUM
59.Team booster : RAH
60.Mac platform : OSX
62.Needlework, for short? : TAT
63.Moniker for Israel's Netanyahu : BIBI
64."Casablanca" : ILSAANDRICK
67.Air all of one's grievances, say : RANT
68.Dude : BRO
69.With 8-Down, deposer of Milton Obote : IDI
70.Safety squeeze result, for short : RBI
71.Future race of fiction : ELOI
72.Moppet of black-and-white TV : OPIE
73.Made of a sturdy wood : OAKEN
75.Sub for : ACTAS
77."Not broccoli again!" : YECH
78.Shoot up : SOAR
79.Canonized Norwegian king : STOLAV
81.Something taken by a scout : OATH
82.Winslet who played half of 67-Down : KATE
84.Golfer Ballesteros : SEVE
85.Phrase of resignation : ILOSE
87.Toronto media inits. : CBC
90.Developers' purchases : TRACTS
94.Nitpicks : CAVILS
96.Certain S O S : FLARE
98.Borefest : SNORE
99.Lead-in to a juicy rumor : GETTHIS
102.Ushers : SEATERS
104.Guess in Battleship : DTEN
105."Gone With the Wind" : SCARLETTANDRHETT
108.Late comic Richard : JENI
109.Somewhat, in music : POCO
110.Stripped-down laptop : NETBOOK
111.DiCaprio who played half of 67-Down : LEONARDO
113.Ammunition giant : OLIN
114.Like the strings on many tennis rackets : NYLON
115.Specialty chef : SAUCIER
116.Small songbirds : TITS
117.Vehicle to take over a jump : SLED
118.Expressed audible admonishment : TSKED
1.Anonymous female in a court case : JANEROE
2.From Assisi, e.g. : UMBRIAN
3."Doctor Zhivago" : LARAANDYURI
4.It may be drawn in a fight : IRE
5.On end : ERECT
6.Hanging tapestry : ARRAS
7.Vindictive one, in myth : HERA
8.See 69-Across : AMIN
9.Pea body? : SEEDPOD
11.Cousin of the rumba : MAMBO
12.Over : AGAIN
13.McAvoy who played half of 24-Across : JAMES
14.Double-bridged instruments : SITARS
15."Take ___ breath" : ADEEP
16.Knightley who played half of 24-Across : KEIRA
19.Ditch : SCRAP
20.Bad marks : BLOTS
21.Coffee Cakes maker : DRAKES
25.Sale bin items: Abbr. : IRRS
26.Sessanta minuti : ORA
31.___ Miguel Island : SAO
33.Bogart who played half of 64-Across : HUMPHREY
34.Department north of Paris : OISE
36.Bergman who played half of 64-Across : INGRID
38.Lose touch with reality : GOMAD
40.Feared force : GESTAPO
41."1984" superstate : OCEANIA
42.Smash : SHATTER
44.Colorful perennial : DAHLIA
45.Besmirch : TARNISH
47.___ Americana : PAX
48.Don : MOBBOSS
49.Umm al-Quwain, e.g. : EMIRATE
50.Novelist who translated "Alice in Wonderland" into Russian : NABOKOV
52.Clear tables : BUS
53.Wise guy : SMARTASS
55.Tentacled "Spider-Man" meanie : DOCOCK
61.Snow cap? : SKIHAT
65.Tail off : ABATE
66.Terre in the eau zone? : ILE
67."Titanic" : ROSEANDJACK
69.___ minute : INA
74.Parts of some bonds : ELECTRONS
76.Hunky-dory : COOL
80.Leigh who played half of 105-Across : VIVIEN
83.___-80 (early home computer) : TRS
86.Is a good friend, in a way : LISTENS
87.Gable who played half of 105-Across : CLARK
88.Financial shellacking : BATH
89.Lobster trap : CREEL
91.Clique : COTERIE
92.Changed in popularity : TRENDED
93.Snowbird, typically : SENIOR
95.Calder Cup org. : AHL
96.Ate : FEDON
97."Symphony in Black" and others : ERTES
99.Subject of a 1982 best seller on sexuality : GSPOT
100.Cause for a health panic : ECOLI
101.Assumed, say : TACIT
102.Cafeteria worker's headgear : SNOOD
103.Summer ermine : STOAT
106.Texter's "ciao" : TTYL
107.Talented : ABLE
112.Lowercase letters resembling v's : NUS

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