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Friday, November 16, 2012
by Victor Fleming
Fri 11/16/2012
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1.Spans usually starting in the fall : TVSEASONS
10.Marilyn of R&B : MCCOO
15.Turn in : HITTHEHAY
16.Lei Day "hey" : ALOHA
17.Cause for acquittal : REASONABLEDOUBT
19.Beard of botany : AWN
20."___ & Dean: Home Sweet Hollywood" (reality series) : TORI
21.Prefix with chemical : PETRO
22.Buckos : LADS
24.Scratches : RASPS
26.Millions of addresses start with it : HTTP
28.Exams for students potentially most interested in this puzzle's theme, in brief : LSATS
30.Rx order : SCRIP
32.Yellowfin, on a menu : AHI
33.Wanted to undo : RUED
35.Dancer enslaved by Jabba the Hutt : OOLA
36.Contracted muscle? : PEC
37.Worked for a 40-Across : CADDIED
40.Paid driver? : GOLFPRO
42.Brazilian calendar span : ANO
43.Go through channels? : SAIL
45.The Imbaba Bridge spans it : NILE
46.Cause of a bank fee, briefly : NSF
47.Big-headed major-league mascot : MRMET
49.Far out : NEATO
52.Local govt. units : TWPS
54.Set for biking : GEARS
56.Means of enforcing compliance : WRIT
57.Versifier's inspiration : ERATO
59.Prefix with god : DEMI
61.One to emulate in an Aesop fable : ANT
62.Show some photos, perhaps : PROVIDEEVIDENCE
65.Many ___ (quite some while) : AMOON
66.Ride in a joyride, often : STOLENCAR
67.Prepare, as some beans : REFRY
1.One held in bondage : THRALL
2.Consider : VIEWAS
3.Something applied to a suit : STANDARDOFPROOF
4.Subjects of an as-yet-fruitless search, briefly : ETS
5.On ___ streak : AHOT
6.Caballero : SENOR
7.Family in a Margaret Mitchell best seller : OHARAS
8.Company with a triangular logo : NABISCO
9.One of four in mythology?: Abbr. : SYL
10.Arrived in time for : MADE
11.Yard sale? : CLOTH
12.Date with a judge? : COURTAPPEARANCE
13."Such a headache!" : OHBOTHER
14.Nosebag nibble : OAT
18.Fifth star in a constellation : EPSILON
23.Formalwear accessory : STUD
25.___ rock (music genre) : PROG
27.___ Rivera (Los Angeles suburb) : PICO
29.Earth-shaking event : SEISM
31."Maverick" runner of 2008 : PALIN
34."Heavens!" : DEARGOD
37.Slope : CANT
38.Grilling demand : ANSWERME
39.Stopping point? : DIME
41.Raced : FLEW
44."He ___ Me" (old hymn) : LEADETH
48.Actor Morgan of "The Sixth Sense" : TREVOR
50.Grocery container : TINCAN
51.Fun-loving fishers : OTTERS
53.Not gobble, say : SAVOR
55.Prepare to be snapped : SMILE
58.Elfin : TINY
60.A good one is often carried out : IDEA
62.40-Across's concern : PAR
63.Fig. followed by "or so" : EST
64.One who might write an Rx for drops : ENT

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