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Thursday, October 4, 2012
by Bill Thompson
The seven circled letters reading from top to bottom describe an event occurring at four locations in this puzzle.
Thu 10/4/2012
© 2012, The New York Times
JimH notes: The four special squares are read as SUN on the way Across, but are eclipsed by MOON on the way down. This solar eclipse crossword is a nice complement to Kevin G. Der's 2010 lunar eclipse puzzle.
1.Thrifty alternative : AVIS
5.Signs of spring : CROCI
10.Feline face cleaners : PAWS
14.Casino stock : DICE
15.Shorten, maybe : REHEM
16.Settled : ALIT
17.Ceremonial military outfit : DRESSUNIFORM
19.Long : PINE
20.Like the worst excuse : LAMEST
22.Clink : HOOSEGOW
24.The girl from Ipanema? : ELA
25."You will be ___" (last line of "Wishin' and Hopin'") : HIS
27.Classic play whose title is an abbreviation : RUR
28.Dairy Queen treat : CHOCOLATESUNDAE
35.Drum kit component : HIHAT
37."Oops, sorry" : MYBAD
38.Build on, with "to" : ADD
39.Deuce follower : ADIN
40.Govt. security : TBILL
41.Certain spot : TVAD
42."Delta of Venus" author : NIN
43.Actress Davis : GEENA
44.One carrying dust, maybe : FAIRY
45.Hides, in a way : GOESUNDERGROUND
48.Place for a particle accelerator : LAB
49.Photoshop option: Abbr. : ENL
50.Help-wanted letters : SOS
53."Man who catch fly with chopstick accomplish anything" speaker : MRMIYAGI
58.Pass : ELAPSE
60.Director of "The Witches," 1990 : ROEG
64.Wolfe or Woolf, e.g.: Abbr. : AUTH
65.W.W. II general nicknamed "Bombs Away" : LEMAY
66.It begins at conception : IDEA
67.Gusto : ZEST
68.Ray variety : SKATE
69.Crayola color since 1998 : FERN
1.Confuse : ADDLE
2.Like some marketing : VIRAL
3.Wet-bar convenience : ICEMACHINE
4.Mobutu ___ Seko (African despot) : SESE
5.Rotten Tomatoes contributor : CRITIC
6.Dict., e.g. : REF
7."You'd better watch out!" : OHOH
8.Dos minus dos : CERO
9.Like vampires : IMMORTAL
10.Movie with a 9-year-old Best Supporting Actress winner : PAPERMOON
11.Character with the tagline "Booyakasha!" : ALIG
12.Major downer? : WINO
13.Fret : STEW
21.Targeted launch : MOONSHOT
23.Took to court : SUED
26.Melancholy : SOMBER
29.Chinese dynasty : HAN
30.Deceitful : LYING
31.Deafening : ABLARE
32.Kato Kaelin portrayer on "S.N.L." : DAVIDSPADE
33.Purim's month : ADAR
34.Whirl : EDDY
35."___ 'em!" (mob's cry) : HANG
36.Graphic beginning? : IDIO
40.Tots' sports equipment : TEEBALLS
41.Whup : TAN
43.Greeting in Oz : GDAY
44.Image on the "E.T." poster : FULLMOON
47.Feature of Mike Wazowski in "Monsters, Inc." : ONEEYE
48.Work after work? : MOONLIGHT
51.Basket material : OSIER
52.Chair for Cleopatra : SEDAN
53.Singer Jason : MRAZ
54.Rake : ROUE
55.Team whose colors are blue and orange : METS
56.Tech whiz, say : GEEK
57.Meaning of "Ich bin ein" in J.F.K.'s quote : IAMA
59."In your dreams!" : ASIF
62.Big tank : VAT

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