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Thursday, January 3, 2013
by Bruce Haight
Four answers in this puzzle are incomplete. The missing part can be found in four other places in the grid.
Thu 1/3/2013
© 2013, The New York Times
1.Start of a motto first published in an 1844 book : ALLFORONE
7.1967 disaster : APOLLOONE
13.Lazy sort : LIEABED
15.Criticize cattily : SNIPEAT
16.Unwakeable, say : INACOMA
17."No use arguing with me" : IINSIST
18.It took 70 years to complete, in brief : OED
19.Vintner's need : VAT
20.Cockney abode : OME
21.Chateau ___ Michelle : STE
22.Tex-Mex order : TOSTADA
24.Swimmer : NATATOR
26.Go beyond : OUTSTEP
27."Any ___?" : TAKERS
28.Be a tippler : TOPE
29.Bookish : LITERARY
32.Single, slangily : ACE
33.Dreams up : IMAGINES
38.Ready for a drive : TEED
42.Hit hard, as the brakes : SLAMON
43.Was on tour, in a way : TROUPED
46.Most light : AIRIEST
48.Earthen casserole dish : TERRINE
49.Susan of "L.A. Law" : DEY
50.Not just threaten, say : SUE
51.Japanese vegetable : UDO
52.Group of whales : GAM
53.Some map lines : ISOBARS
55.Old guitarlike instrument : BANDORE
57.Tight situations : SCRAPES
58.Country where marinated bear is a specialty food : ESTONIA
59.Serious rap : MURDERONE
60.Sports coup : HOLEINONE
1.Former San Francisco mayor Joseph : ALIOTO
2.Make a hard, low hit that's caught : LINEOUT
3.Causes : LEADSTO
4.Univ. body : FAC
5.Inversely egg-shaped : OBOVATE
6.Like "The Karate Kid" and "Total Recall" : REMADE
7.Enliven : ANIMATE
8.It helps one get a grip : PINETAR
9.Special ___ : OPS
10.Three-pronged fishing spear : LEISTER
11.Steve Martin romantic comedy : LASTORY
12.Bewhiskered animals : OTTERS
14.Purchase with a cell phone : DATAPLAN
15.Priory in "The Da Vinci Code" : SION
23.Kitchen meas. : TSP
25.Alias : AKA
30.Diamonds : ICE
31.Lab sight : TESTTUBE
33.Two-time Romanian president Ion : ILIESCU
34.Writer of the story on which "All About Eve" is based : MARYORR
35.Athos, to Porthos, to Aramis : AMI
36.Has a cow : GOESAPE
37.John Hancock, e.g. : INSURER
38.Hockey Hall of Fame site : TORONTO
39.It.'s here : EUR
40.Inferior imitator : EPIGONE
41.Ancient Roman coins : DENARII
42.Extreme cruelty : SADISM
44.Tree whose wood is used in guitar-making : REDASH
45.Abase : DEMEAN
47.Dick Tracy's girl : TESS
54.Spoiled : BAD
56.Aust. currency : DOL

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