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Sunday, January 20, 2013
by Yaakov Bendavid
Sun 1/20/2013ALL-INSPIRING
© 2013, The New York Times
1.Like some church matters : LAICAL
7.Ancient priests : DRUIDS
13.Dr. Moreau's creator : HGWELLS
20.Go over the wall, maybe : ESCAPE
21.Fix, as a model plane : REGLUE
22.Gradual decline : EROSION
23.Prince's pottery equipment? : THEROYALWHEEL
25.Firearm company for nearly five centuries : BERETTA
26.Indy entrant : RACER
27.Bygone Saudi king : FAISAL
28.City on Utah Lake : OREM
29.Cooking meas. : TSP
30.Words of certainty : IMUST
31.Series : RUN
32.Lounging robes : CAFTANS
34.Hooter : OWL
35.New members of society : DEBS
36.Prepares for action : GIRDS
38.Madras title : SAHIB
39.Soft cheese : BRIE
40.Dutch city near Arnhem : EDE
41.Ten, for openers : DECA
42.Manhattan area bordered by Broadway : TRIBECA
44.Boobs : OAFS
45.Certain sorority woman : THETA
47.Cat on the prowl : MOUSER
48.Soup kitchen needs : LADLES
50.2006 Winter Olympics host : TORINO
52.Radio wave producer : PULSAR
53.Part of one's inheritance : GENE
54.Those girls, to Juanita : ESAS
55.Public ___ : UTILITY
57.Lack of enthusiasm : TEPIDITY
61.The year 151 : CLI
62."Goosebumps" writer : STINE
63.Jewelry material : CORAL
64.Leaves after dinner? : TEA
65.Best Actor Tony winner for "Mark Twain Tonight!" : HOLBROOK
67.Of the blood : HEMATIC
70.Pete Seeger's genre : FOLK
71.Punch-in-the-gut sounds : OOFS
72.Have no doubt : BESURE
73.Mournful rings : KNELLS
75.Put back up, as a blog entry : REPOST
78.Kind of TV : PLASMA
79.Online health info site : WEBMD
80.Hard cheese : EDAM
81.In hiding : HOLEDUP
83."Doctor Zhivago" role : LARA
84.Hails from Rocky Balboa : YOS
87.Makes a lap : SITS
88.Modern group-mailing tool : ELIST
89.Some barkers : SEALS
91.Eve's counterpart : MORN
92.Commonly, once : OFT
93.Infatuated with : SWEETON
95."Yes, Cap'n!" : AYE
96.Semisoft cheese : GOUDA
97.Einstein's "never" : NIE
98.Teachers love hearing them : AHAS
99.Some classical statuary : TORSOS
101.Big name at Indy : UNSER
102.Tumbler : ACROBAT
104.Stop proceeding in the maze when you reach the end? : DONOTPASSGOAL
106.Kind of strength : TENSILE
107.Flamenco shout : OLEOLE
108.Det. Bonasera on "CSI: NY" : STELLA
109.Dead Sea Scrolls preservers : ESSENES
110."The Player" director, 1992 : ALTMAN
111.What the weary get, in a saying : NOREST
1.Not object to : LETRIDE
2.Conscience-stricken : ASHAMED
3.Strategy employed by a Siberian Hansel and Gretel? : ICECUBETRAIL
4.Ivory alternative : CARESS
5.Left on board : APORT
6.Willy who wrote "The Conquest of Space" : LEY
7.Big name in radio advice : DRLAURA
8.VCR button : REWIND
9.Chefs hate hearing them : UGHS
10.Of the lower small intestine : ILEAC
11.Fencing coach's pronouncement? : DUELASISAY
12.Paris seasoning : SEL
13.Like the Talmud : HEBRAIC
15.Basic bait : WORMS
16.Dir. from Winston-Salem to Raleigh : ESE
17.Of the seashore : LITTORAL
18.Biblical figure punished for hindsight? : LOTSWIFE
19.Fastened with Velcro, e.g. : SNAPLESS
24.One of six areas on a Risk board : AFRICA
28.Additional : OTHER
33.Name on pencils : FABER
36.Advice to Jonah? : GETOUTOFTHEWHALE
37.Russian import, briefly : STOLI
39.Was an omen of : BODED
41.Place to rest : DEN
43.Reddish brown : RUST
46.What's-___-name : HIS
47.Grand Canyon rental : MULE
49.Deep blue : ANIL
50.Georgia ___ : TECH
51.Nobel Peace Center site : OSLO
52.It can be shocking : PINK
53.Ginger Spice's first name : GERI
56.Members of la familia : TIOS
57.Haul around : TOTE
58."Waiter, we ordered the fish!"? : ITOLDYOUSOLE
59.Swiss patriot : TELL
60.Sherpa's herd : YAKS
62.Low-budget hotels, for short : SROS
63.Italian beloved : CARA
66.Sail supports : BOOMS
67.Approach a thruway booth? : HEADTOTOLL
68."Mi casa ___ casa" : ESSU
69.Swollen glands cause : MUMPS
70.Woman, in slang : FEM
72.Hallowed, old-style : BLEST
74.Warriors' grp. : NBA
75.Strike a chord : RESONATE
76.Feats of construction : EDIFICES
77.Paisley and plaid : PATTERNS
78.Carries on steadily : PLIES
79.President who was an electrician by profession : WALESA
82.Some chemical salts : OLEATES
83.Expose, as to criticism : LAYOPEN
85.Trials : ORDEALS
86.Greet like a junkyard dog : SNARLAT
90.Calif. barrio setting : EASTLA
91.Hawker : MONGER
93.Polio vaccine developer : SABIN
94.Good-sized musical group : NONET
96.Heartiness : GUSTO
100.Leeway : ROOM
103.Sugar suffix : OSE
104.Dennis Quaid remake of a 1950 film noir : DOA
105.Govt.-issued ID : SSN

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