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Saturday, January 19, 2013
by David Quarfoot
Sat 1/19/2013
© 2013, The New York Times
JimH notes: This is the 7,000th daily crossword Will Shortz has edited for The New York Times. Adding the weekly Variety puzzle puts his lifetime NYT total at 8,000. Congratulations, Will!
1.Religious emblem, informally : JESUSFISH
10.Jerks : ASSES
15."Il dolce suono," e.g. : OPERAARIA
16.It's worth 8 points in English and 10 points in French : XTILE
17.Backwater, in Australia : BILLABONG
18.Certain pub : LOCAL
19.GPS heading : SSE
20.A search may be done with it : BING
21.Fluff : LINT
22.Figure on a table: Abbr. : ATNO
24.Works in a studio, say : OILS
26.Schubert piece : WALTZ
27.Get along : CLICK
29.Reason to end an engagement : CEASEFIRE
31.Virus containment specialist : TECHIE
33.List : TILT
34.Alpine stream : AAR
35.You can feel it on the ground, informally : ONEG
37.Girl's name that becomes a boy's name when the last letter moves to the start : LANA
39.Envelope abbr. : STE
42.Lump : GLOB
44.Market : BAZAAR
48.Guitar device producing a vibrato effect : WHAMMYBAR
51.Beat : PULSE
52.Chilling : EERIE
53.On a list of knowns : IDED
55.Filled : RIFE
56.Ages : ERAS
57.Roast setting : DAIS
59.Travel ___ : BAN
60.Orkney Islands clan : PICTS
62.Needlework? : TATTOOART
64.Dioxane, e.g. : ETHER
65.Measure of progress : STATUSBAR
66.Hyundai model : AZERA
67.So simple : EASYPEASY
1.Governmental stimulus of 2012 : JOBSACT
2.Missive : EPISTLE
3.Kind of acid that dissolves gold : SELENIC
4.It might be a link : URL
5.Auto with a "9" in almost all its model names : SAAB
6.Onetime spokesmodel for I Can't Believe It's Not Butter : FABIO
7.Having a twist : IRONIC
8.Grappler's gear : SINGLET
9.No beauty : HAG
10.Rose on stage : AXL
11.Carleton College rival : STOLAF
12.Mediterraneo tourist locale : SICILIA
13.Hyundai model : ELANTRA
14.Fizz : SELTZER
23.A power of dos : OCHO
25.Breeze (through) : SAIL
26.Post-cookout item : WETNAP
28.Cry when reaching the other side : KINGME
30.Hunk : SLAB
32.Tough to grasp : EELY
36."Place without water," in Mongolian : GOBI
38.Shade on the Riviera : AZUR
39.Comics character named for a flower : SWEEPEA
40.High-end accommodations, familiarly : THERITZ
41.Otalgia : EARACHE
43.Statistician's anathema : BADDATA
45.Opening words deliverer : ALIBABA
46.What goes before that goes? : ASFARAS
47.Period of radio silence : REENTRY
49.Buddy : MISTER
50.Some western gear : REATAS
54.Jingle, e.g. : DITTY
58.Introductory course? : SOUP
61.Sp. name preceder : SRA
62.Japanese market inits. : TSE
63.Sweet ending? : OSE

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