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Friday, January 18, 2013
by Tim Croce
Fri 1/18/2013
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1."Hold on, why am I being dragged into this?" : WHATDOYOUMEANWE
16.Last single blasts? : BACHELORPARTIES
17.Unlikely to develop clothing lines? : CREASERESISTANT
18.Filched : TOOK
19.2007 Oscar winner Swinton : TILDA
20.Wildlife : BEASTS
23.Twin or triplet : SIB
26.San Francisco's ___ Tower : COIT
27.Bear in "The Jungle Book" : BALOO
28.Resign : DEMIT
30.Salem-to-Portland dir. : NNE
31.Classic brand with a bunny mascot : QUIK
32.Choices for poachers : GRADEAEGGS
34.Crop-killing caterpillars : ARMYWORMS
36.Rock icon for whom a Manhattan block is named : JOEYRAMONE
39.Key target of resolution : CRUX
43.Massachusetts' Cape ___ : ANN
44.Filched : STOLE
45.It's lighter than mustard : MAIZE
46.It has its limits, briefly : CALC
48.Burn prevention meas. : SPF
49.Like some debts : REPAID
50."I'm gone!" : ADIOS
52.It's bound to leave the field : BALE
53.Does some flattering : MASSAGESONESEGO
60.Poke on Facebook, say : ATTENTIONGETTER
1.Ring grp. : WBC
2.Part of a crack response? : HAR
3.One in a pack : ACE
4."No worries" : THATSOKAY
5.First European to cross the Mississippi : DESOTO
6.Some spreads : OLEOS
7.Pennsylvania city or its county : YORK
8.What to take the lead from : ORE
9.Brown letters? : UPS
10.When many fleurs bloom : MAI
11."... which ___ from heat did canopy the herd": Shak. : ERST
12.Top web developer? : ATTIC
13."Big Momma's House" co-star, 2000 : NIALONG
14.Going along : WENDING
15.Willing subjects : ESTATES
20.Grilling subject, informally : BBQ
21.What bateaux move across : EAU
22."The Soul of a Butterfly" autobiographer : ALI
23.Pirate : SEAWOLF
24.Line to wrap things up with : IMDONE
25.Brasserie offering : BIERE
28.Certain duster : DRYMOP
29.Floppy lid : TAM
32.Some univ. entrance exams : GMATS
33.Reaches, as a vacation resort : ESCAPESTO
35.They have end-to-end cars: Abbr. : RRS
36.Iridescent green bird of tropical America : JACAMAR
37.Like many new couples : ONADATE
38.Eschews the draft? : ENLISTS
40.Relative of a fjord : RIA
41.Its 49-Down is about 200 meters : UZI
42.Chose, perhaps : XED
45.Riots : MELEES
47."Left" or "right" group, in math : COSET
49.Shooting statistic : RANGE
51.Lacking : SANS
52.Old 58-Down capital : BONN
54.It's "really lookin' fine" in a 1964 hit : GTO
55.58-Down article : EIN
56.Jack of "The Green Berets," 1968 : SOO
57.Touchdown stat : ETA
58.Eur. land : GER
59.Places with vital monitors, in brief : ORS

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