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Thursday, January 17, 2013
by Milo Beckman
This puzzle features elements that cannot be duplicated in electronic formats. We strongly suggest using the PDF file instead.
Thu 1/17/2013
© 2013, The New York Times
1.Knock on wood, say : RATTAT
7.Arizona product : ICEDTEA
14."Gotcha" : ISEENOW
16."Hoo-oo-EY!" : HOTDAMN
17."No clue" : BEATSME
18.One who made the crew cut? : OARSMAN
19.Locational nickname with origins in horse racing : THEBIGAPPLE
20.Amount to be divvied up : PIE
21.Operation time : DDAY
23.Christian of film : BALE
24.Antarctic body named for an Englishman : ROSSSEA
28.Ring : PEAL
31.Raid target : ANT
32.Noted series of paintings by Andrew Wyeth : HELGAPICTURES
36.Face seen on many T-shirts : GUEVARA
38.500, e.g. : CARRACE
39.Preparing to be shot, say : STRIKINGAPOSE
40.Capital of Australia: Abbr. : DOL
41.Googly ___ : EYES
42.Medical subject of Time magazine covers of 1967 and 2010 : THEPILL
44.Wear down : GNAW
47.Échecs pieces : ROIS
48.Symbol of might : OAK
49.Dweller on the Straits of Johor : SINGAPOREAN
55.Shipwreck cause, perhaps : LORELEI
57.Let up on : RELIEVE
60.Melancholy, say : EMOTION
61.Private business, in slang : BEESWAX
62.Tube warning ... or an apt title for this puzzle? : MINDTHEGAP
63.Manages : SEESTO
1.Lightly roast : RIB
2.Enzyme suffix : ASE
3.One encouraged to drink on the job : TEATASTER
4.Midsize moon of Saturn : TETHYS
5."As I Lay Dying" father : ANSE
6.Dead center? : TOMB
7."Come hungry. Leave happy" sloganeer : IHOP
8.Kentucky export : COAL
9.Being, in Bordeaux : ETRE
10.License to drill? : DDS
11.Battle of Fort Brooke locale, 1863 : TAMPA
12.Text alternative : EMAIL
13."Bonne ___!" : ANNEE
15.Chinese dynasty during the Three Kingdoms period : WEI
21.Bummers : DRAGS
22.Food with an inedible center? : DONUT
23.Censor, in a way : BLUR
25.Inconclusive : SHAKY
26.Like some extreme coincidences : EERIE
27.Composer Menken and others : ALANS
28.Loop of lace : PICOT
29.Bitcoins, e.g. : ECASH
30.Stuck, after "up" : ATREE
33.Top-of-the-hour broadcast, maybe : RADIONEWS
34.Reason for a food recall : ECOLI
35.Emulates a bear : SELLS
37.Menu with zoom options : VIEW
43.Encomium : PRAISE
44.Automaton of Jewish folklore : GOLEM
45.Feminist Wolf : NAOMI
46.City intersected by I-76 and I-77 : AKRON
49.Cut open : SLIT
50.Architect ___ Ming Pei : IEOH
51.Lucky figure in Chinese culture : NINE
52.Ball : ORB
53.Roger of "Cheers" : REES
54.Gen. Robert ___ : ELEE
56.It's about when you leave: Abbr. : ETD
58.Brewery sight : VAT
59.Prefix with thermal : EXO

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