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Puzzles with longest average word length

Long average word length is closely correlated with low word count.

For the purposes of these calculations, rebus squares are assumed to add only one to the length of the answer word.

RankDateAvg Word LenAuthorTitle
1.Friday, January 21, 20057.19Frank Longo
2.Saturday, June 29, 20137.08Joe Krozel
3.Saturday, December 15, 20017.00Frank A. Longo
4.Friday, January 4, 20086.96Raymond C. Young
5.Friday, July 27, 20126.93Joe Krozel
6.Friday, October 17, 20086.93Patrick Berry
7.Friday, August 22, 20086.90Kevin G. Der
8.Friday, June 1, 20126.88Joe Krozel
9.Friday, October 24, 19976.85Frank Longo
10.Saturday, August 19, 20176.77Mark Diehl
11.Saturday, September 19, 20156.76Kevin Adamick
12.Saturday, March 20, 20106.71Joe Krozel
Saturday, December 22, 20076.71Harvey Estes
Saturday, January 20, 20076.71Harvey Estes
Saturday, July 15, 20066.71Patrick Berry
Saturday, May 7, 20056.71Patrick Berry
Saturday, January 1, 20056.71Raymond C. Young
18.Saturday, April 14, 20076.70Sherry O. Blackard
19.Friday, August 22, 19976.68Frank Longo
20.Friday, March 15, 20136.68Joe Krozel
Saturday, August 7, 20106.68Joe Krozel
22.Saturday, September 21, 20136.66Tim Croce
23.Friday, March 11, 20056.65Manny Nosowsky
24.Saturday, August 7, 20046.60Patrick Berry
25.Saturday, February 11, 20126.56Joe Krozel
26.Saturday, January 2, 20106.55Robert H. Wolfe
Saturday, October 31, 20096.55Robert H. Wolfe
Saturday, July 18, 20096.55Joe Krozel
29.Saturday, November 25, 20176.53Kevin G. Der
Saturday, October 28, 20176.53Roland Huget
31.Friday, July 28, 20066.52Sherry O. Blackard
32.Saturday, September 24, 20056.52Byron Walden
33.Saturday, January 23, 19996.48Frank Longo
34.Saturday, September 20, 20086.48Joe Krozel
Saturday, December 1, 20076.48Robert H. Wolfe
Saturday, December 9, 20066.48Robert H. Wolfe
37.Saturday, October 20, 20016.47Patrick Berry
38.Saturday, November 13, 20046.45Frank Longo
39.Friday, October 8, 20106.45Brendan Emmett Quigley
Saturday, January 21, 20066.45Brendan Emmett Quigley
Saturday, June 29, 19966.45F. Longo
42.Friday, April 24, 20156.44Joe Krozel
Saturday, January 7, 20126.44Joe Krozel
Friday, February 5, 20106.44Joe Krozel
Friday, September 4, 20096.44Joe Krozel
Saturday, March 28, 20096.44Joe Krozel
47.Saturday, June 15, 19966.43R. Ross
48.Saturday, March 19, 20166.42Byron Walden
Friday, March 9, 20126.42Tim Croce
50.Saturday, July 3, 20106.41Joe Krozel
51.Friday, July 30, 20106.41Kevin G. Der
Friday, January 19, 20016.41Joe DiPietro
53.Friday, February 15, 20086.38Patrick Berry
54.Saturday, October 7, 19956.37Frank A. Longo
55.Saturday, July 18, 20156.36Joe Krozel
56.Saturday, July 5, 20146.35David Steinberg
Saturday, September 4, 20046.35Patrick Berry
Saturday, March 8, 20036.35Patrick Berry
Saturday, December 22, 20016.35Trip Payne
60.Saturday, December 3, 20166.34Jason Flinn
Saturday, September 28, 20136.34Joe Krozel
62.Saturday, January 6, 20076.33Robert H. Wolfe
63.Saturday, January 14, 20126.32Mark Diehl
64.Saturday, October 17, 20156.31Timothy Polin
Saturday, February 7, 20156.31Byron Walden
Saturday, October 8, 20056.31Byron Walden
67.Friday, October 28, 20116.30Tim Croce
68.Friday, October 18, 20136.29David Steinberg
Friday, February 15, 20136.29Tom Heilman
Saturday, February 14, 20046.29Frank Longo
Saturday, August 4, 20016.29Randolph Ross
72.Saturday, October 15, 20166.28Mark Diehl
Saturday, May 16, 20156.28Byron Walden
Saturday, November 22, 20086.28Frank Longo
75.Saturday, October 9, 20106.28Joe Krozel
76.Saturday, February 6, 20106.27Frederick J. Healy
Friday, September 10, 20046.27Brendan Emmett Quigley
78.Saturday, November 22, 20036.26Robert H. Wolfe
79.Saturday, September 25, 20106.25Patrick Berry
Saturday, August 3, 20026.25Patrick Berry
81.Friday, August 12, 20116.24Julian Lim
82.Saturday, June 3, 20176.23Roland Huget
Saturday, November 29, 20146.23Elizabeth C. Gorski
Friday, February 18, 20116.23Patrick Berry
Friday, August 13, 20106.23Manny Nosowsky
Saturday, September 8, 20076.23Brendan Emmett Quigley
Saturday, July 28, 20076.23Manny Nosowsky
Saturday, April 29, 20066.23Robert H. Wolfe
Saturday, November 8, 20036.23Sherry O. Blackard
Saturday, August 24, 20026.23Chuck Menning
Friday, September 22, 20006.23Manny Nosowsky
Friday, November 6, 19986.23Bob Klahn
Saturday, May 31, 19976.23Frank Longo
Saturday, February 15, 19976.23J. Clonick
95.Saturday, June 19, 20106.22Samuel A. Donaldson
Friday, June 12, 20096.22Patrick Berry
Friday, January 27, 20066.22Sherry O. Blackard
Friday, December 9, 20056.22Sherry O. Blackard
Saturday, July 30, 20056.22Sherry O. Blackard
Friday, December 10, 20046.22Frank Longo