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Random unique answer words

40 answers which have never been reused

This page is just for fun. It's a random collection of rare crossword answers; so rare that each appears only in a single Shortz Era puzzle. Bogus entries (thematic words that make sense only in that crossword) are excluded.

There are 46,108 unique Shortz Era answer words in the database.

Click any word to see it in the context of its puzzle. Words in this color did appear in pre-Shortz crosswords.

AFARSSat Jan 22, 2000___ and the Issas (former French territory)David J. Kahn
AMATTEROFDEGREEWed Apr 11, 2007Apt title for this puzzleBruce Adams
ARMYMANMon Mar 16, 2015Every West Point graduate until 1980Ian Livengood
ARTINWed Oct 24, 2001"Our Father which ___ heaven ..."Sarah Keller
BACKPAYSun Sep 30, 2012Wrongful discharge awardElayne Cantor and Victor Fleming
BIGGAMESFri Apr 11, 2014Bowls, e.g.Peter Wentz
BLEACHERSSun Feb 20, 1994StandsHarvey Estes
BLUEHAWAIIThu Apr 22, 19991961 Elvis filmDavid J. Kahn
BONESMANSat May 16, 2015Secret society brother to George W. Bush and John KerryByron Walden
BOURBONSTREETTue Jul 22, 1997New Orleans hot spotFred Piscop
BOWLINEFri Jun 25, 2004Knot that won't slipManny Nosowsky
BRAKEPEDALMon Dec 22, 2014It may bring you to a screeching haltLynn Lempel
BUTTINSKISat Mar 12, 2005Nosy Parker: Var.Byron Walden
COTTONTIESat May 30, 2020Lightweight option for a suitBrian Thomas
DUMPLINGWed Sep 29, 2004Won ton, e.g.Verna Suit
EYEHOOKThu Feb 21, 2002Simple fastenerPeter Gordon
FIRSTFLOORFri Mar 9, 2007Common elevator stopRandolph Ross
FLAREUPSWed Aug 31, 2005EruptionsAlan Arbesfeld
FOOLAROUNDMon Jun 13, 2016Engage in some horseplay ... or a hint to the words spelled out in the circlesLynn Lempel
FRONTROWCENTERMon Sep 4, 2006The best place to seeMike Nothnagel
GOTOUTWed Mar 23, 2011Was releasedWill Nediger
GREENMONSTERSat Dec 14, 2019Nickname of Fenway Park's left field wall, with "the"Ryan McCarty
IDIDINDEEDWed Nov 11, 2009Emphatic boast of responsibilityKelsey Blakley
LIFESWORKFri Aug 14, 2020It takes years and years to completeNam Jin Yoon
LOWBROWHUMORSun Jan 26, 2003Slapstick, e.g.Nancy Salomon and Bob Peoples
MARTHAGRAHAMThu Sep 16, 2004Laughing choreographer?Paula Gamache
MUCHASGRACIASThu Nov 27, 2014Thanksgiving phraseStanley Newman
ONESTONESun Feb 9, 2003British unit equal to 14 poundsDavid J. Kahn
RELISHEDMon Feb 11, 2013Got a kick out ofGary Cee
RODEHERDThu May 9, 2019Kept a close eye (on)Lewis Rothlein
SANSSOUCISat Sep 26, 2009CarefreeJoon Pahk
SGTSCHULTZSat Nov 30, 20131960s sitcom character with the catchphrase "I see nothing!"Byron Walden and Brad Wilber
SOFTISHFri Apr 10, 2020Rather impressionable?Byron Walden
STARTSWITHABANGMon Oct 25, 2010Has an exciting opening number, say ... or what the answer to each starred clue does?Jonah Kagan
STEPONTHEGASMon Sep 24, 2012"Hurry up!"John Dunn
TAKEATESTSun Jan 8, 2017Show what you know, sayPeter Broda and Erik Agard
TARGETPRACTICESFri Dec 13, 2002Some army exercisesBob Peoples
TEXTUREDSat Mar 17, 2001Not smoothRich Norris
ULYANOVSun Feb 17, 2019Vladimir Lenin's real last nameDavid Kwong
USEASBAITThu Feb 9, 2012*Entice withKevin G. Der