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Random unique answer words

40 answers which have never been reused

This page is just for fun. It's a random collection of rare crossword answers; so rare that each appears only in a single Shortz Era puzzle.

Not all these words make sense. Some of them are unique because they're part of some wacky theme. Some are errors that don't fit the standard Across Lite format. There are 52,483 unique Shortz Era answer words in the database.

Click any word to see it in the context of its puzzle. Words in this color did appear in pre-Shortz crosswords.

APOCKET Fri 10/24/1997It's full of rye, in rhymeFrank Longo
BUNGALOWBILL Wed 5/28/2003Character in a Beatles "White Album" tuneAlan Arbesfeld
CAINEPILLAR Sun 9/14/2014Actor Michael's means of support?Tony Orbach and Patrick Blindauer
CALLOW Sat 6/25/2011Wet behind the earsBarry C. Silk
CECILFIELDER Sun 3/27/1994Fitting name for a baseball playerJeanette K. Brill
CEMENTMIXER Fri 12/1/2006It goes around at a construction siteMike Nothnagel
CHANGEAFINN Sun 8/18/2002"Helsinki: At the bank to ___"Michael Ashley
COMBINE Fri 11/21/2003Farm machineDavid Ainslie Macleod
COMETOTERMSWITH Mon 10/31/2005Finally acceptJim Hyres
DEADENDJOB Mon 8/23/2010Work that offers no chance for advancementOliver Hill
DONTWORRYBABY Tue 7/1/2014Reassurance from the Beach Boys, 1964Gary Cee
DRISTANANDISOLDE Sun 4/7/1996What's your favorite opera?C. Millhauser
DUSTCOVER Fri 7/27/2007Furniture protectorJohn R. Conrad
EMILYS Wed 9/7/1994Dickinson and BronteCathy Millhauser
GERMIER Thu 3/1/2012More likely to make you sick, saySteven E. Atwood
GROTIUS Fri 9/30/1994Dutch statesman HugoMatt Gaffney
HALFBLOODPRINCE Mon 9/26/2011Part of a 2005 Harry Potter titleDavid Gray
HERMANSHERMITS Tue 10/13/2015"I'm Henry VIII, I Am" bandPatrick Berry
ILLFIXHISWAG Sun 10/8/2000Veterinarian's promise?Richard Silvestri
LAMODE Sat 5/5/2007French fashionDavid Quarfoot
LEFTLANECLOSED Tue 3/27/2007Second sign of a highway headacheLucy Gardner Anderson
LOSEONESMOJITO Sun 4/24/2011Spill a Cuban drink?Caleb Madison and J.A.S.A. Crossword Class
LUNAS Fri 8/10/2012Pale-green mothsJohn Lampkin
MNEMONICS Sun 8/21/2011"I before E except after C" and othersAlan Arbesfeld
MOOGOOGAIPAN Mon 9/19/2005Chinese main dishTimothy Powell
OPTIMUMS Sat 2/16/2002IdealsFrank Longo
OVERAWE Sun 6/28/2009CowBarry C. Silk
PODGE Wed 10/10/2012See 19-AcrossPete Muller
PRENATALCARE Sun 11/27/2016Pasty + vacation expense, maybe = hospital specialtyMatt Ginsberg
PUSHYOURLUCK Tue 8/11/2015Ask the boss for more vacation time after getting a raise, perhapsJay Kaskel and Daniel Kantor
QUACKERY Thu 1/26/2006Charlatan's workManny Nosowsky
REDPEN Fri 7/17/2015Marker of mistakesPaolo Pasco
SELENATE Sun 1/16/1994Chemical saltErnst Theimer
SHARPFOOT Tue 9/4/2001Off-key cop?Randall J. Hartman
SNACKCOUNTER Sun 4/6/2014Dieter, at times?Patrick Berry
TAHR Tue 10/18/2005Asian goatJay Leatherman
THERESAINMYSOUP Thu 2/7/2008*Classic comical restaurant complaintKenneth J. Berniker
THREEFREETHROWS Thu 10/16/1997Tongue twister #1Brendan Emmett Quigley
TRUESTORY Fri 2/5/1999"I'm not making that up!"Brendan Emmett Quigley
WETSOFTHEMOON Wed 3/15/2006Lunar anti-prohibitionists?Lee Glickstein and Nancy Salomon