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Random unique answer words

40 answers which have never been reused

This page is just for fun. It's a random collection of rare crossword answers; so rare that each appears only in a single Shortz Era puzzle. Bogus entries (thematic words that make sense only in that crossword) are excluded.

There are 46,076 unique Shortz Era answer words in the database.

Click any word to see it in the context of its puzzle. Words in this color did appear in pre-Shortz crosswords.

AFTERMIDNIGHTMon Oct 7, 20131970 hit by Eric ClaptonAmy Johnson
BLUESINTHENIGHTMon May 24, 20041941 Priscilla Lane film whose title was a #1 songFrederick J. Healy
CARTWHEELThu Aug 14, 2003Cheerleader's maneuverGreg Staples
CHIEFJUSTICEMon Aug 24, 2015John Roberts, for oneLynn Lempel
CHILDSEATTue May 26, 2015*Removable car safety featureGareth Bain
CONCHAThu Feb 28, 2013Bowl-shaped part of the earJoe Krozel
COOPEDUPWed Apr 4, 2012ConfinedZoe Wheeler
DAGUERREOTYPESun Mar 5, 2017Picture displayed on a [circled letters] surfaceTimothy Polin
DEADDUCKThu Aug 2, 2012Toast, with "a"Xan Vongsathorn
DOREMIFASOLLATIDOTILASOLFAMIREDOThu Jun 9, 2005Piano exercise for beginnersDavid J. Kahn
DRINKINGGLASSESThu Jul 24, 2003Kitchen setRich Norris
EEROSFri Jun 3, 1994Saarinen namesakesNorman S. Wizer
ESOPHAGUSSun Aug 29, 1999Pill passageLou and Fran Sabin
FICTIVESun Sep 5, 2010Made-upWill Nediger
FREEZINGPOINTSun Jun 21, 1998- 32Jim Page
GIRLISHThu Apr 4, 2002Pink and lacy, perhapsTrip Payne
GRAFZEPPELINSat Jun 7, 20081929 globe circumnavigatorKaren M. Tracey
GRUNTWORKSat May 14, 2011Job for base pay?Mike Nothnagel
IMREALSat Jan 16, 2010#1 hit from the album "J.Lo"Ned White
INABOTTLETue Jan 31, 2017Words that can follow the ends of the answers to the starred cluesNeil Padrick Wilson
INAMERICAWed Aug 27, 2008StatesideDonna Hoke Kahwaty
KINDLESSat Jul 19, 2003AwakensBob Peoples
LEEWAYSSat Nov 22, 2003Margins of safetyRobert H. Wolfe
MASKEDBALLMon Jan 25, 2016*Party with disguisesIan Livengood
MENARDFri Aug 22, 1997Texas county or its seatFrank Longo
MOTORBIKESat Jul 6, 2019Yamaha purchaseErik Agard
MOUNTAINLIONSSat Apr 16, 1994CatamountsRand H. Burns
NORTHERNROMANIASat Aug 30, 1997Where the Carpathian Mountains beginMatt Gaffney
NOVIAFri Nov 25, 2011Girlfriend, in GranadaJoe Krozel
PRERENTSun Apr 12, 1998Let in advanceRandolph Ross
RETROCEDESat Feb 17, 2007Go backRobert H. Wolfe
ROADIESSun Mar 28, 2004Stage settersDavid J. Kahn
RUNSACROSSSat Apr 11, 2015MeetsMartin Ashwood-Smith
SHRUNKENHEADSThu Jan 22, 2009Primitive trophies ... or a hint to this puzzle's themeGary J. Whitehead
SOCKETSETSTue May 23, 2017Some mechanics' tool collectionsZhouqin Burnikel
SPEECHBUBBLESSun Mar 20, 2016Certain balloonsJoel Fagliano
TORTENWed Oct 1, 2003Rich cakes, in GermanyA. J. Santora
TREACLYMon Nov 4, 1996Excessively sweetP. Wilson
WAKEISLANDTue Sep 7, 2004Point between Hawaii and GuamSarah Keller
WHATAHOOTWed Aug 12, 2015*"That sure was funny!"Tom McCoy