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498 debuts in year 2020

495 are still unique, and 3 have been reused in later puzzles

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This page shows NYT debut words by year going back to the beginning of the Shortz Era.

Words appear here only if they are true debuts. They did not appear previously in any puzzle, old or modern or Variety.

On this site, unique answers are often shown in red and answers that were reused later are purple.

DateAuthorDebutsStill uniqueReused later
Christina Iverson and Jeff Chen8
Ed Sessa5
Will Treece6
Adam Aaronson14
Will Nediger9
Tess Davison and Kathy Lowden0
Ross Trudeau7
Amanda Yesnowitz and Joon Pahk6
Alex Eaton-Salners5
Brendan Emmett Quigley9
Andrew J. Ries7
Evan Mahnken and David Steinberg10
Alan Arbesfeld5
Jim Peredo2
Mary Lou Guizzo0
Erik Agard and Jeff Chen4
Ryan Patrick Smith5
Ryan McCarty7
Victor Barocas12
Evan Kalish5
Carl Larson1
Alex Eaton-Salners1
Barbara Lin4
Scott Earl5
Stella Zawistowski4
Erik Agard13
Timothy Polin2
Trenton Charlson5
Jeremy Newton8
Emily Carroll0
John Guzzetta and Michael Hawkins6
Mark Diehl10
Brian Herrick and Christopher Adams6
Michael Schlossberg2
Queena Mewers and Alex Eaton-Salners4
Ross Trudeau8
Jake Halperin10
Mary Lou Guizzo and Erik Agard6
Hemant Mehta10
Brian Kulman3
Bruce Haight2
Neil Padrick Wilson and Jeff Chen4
Rich Proulx2
Amanda Chung and Karl Ni4
Daniel Larsen8
Randolph Ross6
Sam Ezersky13
Sally Hoelscher5
John Guzzetta1
Alex Eaton-Salners4
Joe Deeney3
Erik Agard and Anne Flinchbaugh6
Trenton Charlson3
Sophia and David Maymudes8
Jacob Stulberg5
Peter Gordon2
Francis Heaney6
Andrew Kingsley and John Lieb1
Aimee Lucido6
Andrew J. Ries8
Sam Trabucco19
Andrea Carla Michaels4
Lynn Lempel0
Tracy Gray3
Zhouqin Burnikel5
Caitlin Reid9
Robyn Weintraub4
Laura Taylor Kinnel8
John Lampkin3
David J. Kahn3
Erik Agard4
Ruth Bloomfield Margolin3
Alex Eaton-Salners7
Peter Wentz10
Nancy Stark and Will Nediger9
Gary Cee6
Ross Trudeau3
Ricky Cruz7
Wayne Bergman and Gary Otting5
Wyna Liu and Paolo Pasco4
Damon Gulczynski2
Brendan Emmett Quigley9
Ed Sessa3
Olivia Mitra Framke2
Laura Taylor Kinnel6
Alex Eaton-Salners6
Kyle Dolan9
Erik Agard7
Ricky Cruz7
Lee Taylor0

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