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Analyze your own crossword

Analyze an unlocked puzzle in Across Lite format

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See how your puzzle stacks up statistically, or display it on XWord Info for anyone to solve on-line.

Use this feature to show what your puzzle would look like if it were included in the XWord Info database, including details users see when they click the Analyze button while viewing your puzzle. You get a list of unique entries, Scrabble score, Freshness analysis, links to all the NYT clues for each of your answer words, and much more.

After you upload your Across Lite file, you can generate a private link for your test solvers.

Drag & drop your Across Lite (.puz) file here.

Browse to an unlocked .puz file on your computer, then click Analyze.

Your previous uploads

If a private Solve link is shown, it is available for your test solvers. Once you "unsave" that link, it is no longer available for test solvers, and will eventually be deleted. Click the puzzle ID to view the puzzle or change the link status.

Puzzle IDUploadedSizeSolveTitleAuthor
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