Acrostic Solution for Sunday, September 9, 2001

by Emily Cox & Henry Rathvon


EMILY LEIDER, BECOMING MAE WEST — Opulence was in fashion.... [D]resses... required yards... of fabric.... Hips and bosoms stinted by nature had to be fleshed out... with padding. Wide-brimmed picture-book hats were piled high with what one wag called "delirium trimmings."

Clues and answers

A.Of a Gibson girl's eraEDWARDIAN
B.Smart, chicMODISH
C.Costumed spectacle in an arena (2 wds.)ICESHOW
D.Inspiration for a popular 1930's danceLINDBERGH
E."___ has no age" (Pablo Picasso)YOUTH
F.Compact companionLIPSTICK
G.Costume designer for "She Done Him Wrong" (2 wds.)EDITHHEAD
H.Goals that may be unattainableIDEALS
I.Manifest; flauntDISPLAY
J.1873 invention celebrated on Chester Greenwood Day in Farmington, MaineEARMUFFS
K.Parton-Stallone movie of 1984RHINESTONE
L.Article often worn on "I Love Lucy"BATHROBE
M.Monthly in which "The Snows of Kilimanjaro" debuted in 1936ESQUIRE
N.Piece of taffy or plug of tobaccoCHEW
O.Sporter of fancy plumesOSTRICH
P.Left glove, vis-a-vis the right, e.g.MATE
Q.Like a queen, perhaps (2 wds.)INDRAG
R.Gymnosophist's practiceNUDISM
T.Activity on a runwayMODELING
U.Self-assurance, poiseAPLOMB
V.Premium stuffing material for a duvetEIDERDOWN
W.Proof of admission, at timesWRISTBAND
X.Gush out, pour forthEFFUSE
Y.Whisked along (2 wds.)SWEPTUP
Z.Specifically (2 wds.)TOWIT
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