Acrostic Solution for Sunday, September 8, 2013

by Emily Cox & Henry Rathvon


VIRGINIA MORELL, ANIMAL WISE — Hardly a week goes by that doesn't see a... new discovery about animal minds: "Whales Have... Regional Dialects," "Fish Use Tools," "Squirrels Adopt Orphans," "Honeybees Make Plans," "Sheep Don't Forget a Face," "Rats Feel Each Other's Pain..."

Clues and answers

A.Rapacious, predatory typeVULTURE
B.Quality of a slothIDLENESS
C.Manage not to stagnate in a changing worldREADAPT
D.What you can find in a skeinGEESE
E.Characterized by torporINACTIVE
F.Refuge for every couple (2 wds.)NOAHSARK
G.Prepped for work, as a draft horse (2 wds.)INHARNESS
H.Series taught by Snuffleupagus or Big BirdALPHABET
I.Rhesus monkey or Barbary apeMACAQUE
J.Tale in which men are turned into swineODYSSEY
K.Phylum of invertebrates whose cilia resemble wheelsROTIFERA
L.Peacock or butterfly markingsEYESPOTS
M.Independent operator (2 wds.)LONEWOLF
N.Aesopian portion (2 wds.)LIONSSHARE
O.Honeydew-yielding "cattle" (2 wds.)ANTCOWS
P.Olden term for a pasture tenderNEATHERD
Q.In the middle of nowhereISOLATED
R.Old-fashioned or conservative sortMOSSBACK
S.Unhinged hunter of a Physeter macrocephalusAHAB
T.Pastime that makes kids jumpyLEAPFROG
U.Completely, without reservation (2 wds.)WHOLEHOG
V.Overpopulated with undesirablesINFESTED
X."The opposite of spiritual meanness," per Barbara KingsolverEMPATHY
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