Acrostic Solution for Sunday, September 8, 2002

by Emily Cox & Henry Rathvon


CONNIE WILLIS, BELLWETHER — Mood rings supposedly reflected the wearer's mood. Blue meant tranquillity; red meant crabbiness; black meant doom. Since the ring actually responded to temperature, no one achieved the ideal "bliss" purple without... a fever.

Clues and answers

A.Small, round deep-fried cakesCROQUETTES
B.Gesture of respect, as a bow or curtsyOBEISANCE
C.Hobby that has its pointsNEEDLECRAFT
D.American composer of "Air Music," 1975 (2 wds.)NEDROREM
E.Moving forceIMPETUS
F.Folded sheet that gets a pasting (2 wds.)ENDPAPER
G.Ancient pentathlon eventWRESTLING
H.Capital after KarachiISLAMABAD
I.Fortune personified (2 wds.)LADYLUCK
J.Element used to add a red color to fireworksLITHIUM
K.Brown is one of its elements (2 wds.)IVYLEAGUE
L.Sedimentary rockSANDSTONE
M.Together with ginger ale, one of two ingredients in a shandygaffBEER
N.Cheese named for a Swiss valleyEMMENTHALER
O.Center of affection? (2 wds.)LOVENEST
P.Basic form of psychic energyLIBIDO
Q.Not-very-graceful mode of locomotionWADDLE
R.Famous last words (3 wds.)ETTUBRUTE
S.Potential source of deals (2 wds.)THRIFTSHOP
T.1994 documentary about youthful athletic aspirations (2 wds.)HOOPDREAMS
U.Measure of the information lost in a transmitted messageENTROPY
V.Cousin of the kinkajou, coati and cacomistleRACCOON
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