Acrostic Solution for Sunday, September 7, 2014

by Emily Cox & Henry Rathvon


DAVID SACKS, LETTER PERFECT — B... has a relationship with M... . While the two... sound different, they use much the same speech mechanism... . To discover the connection, pinch your nostrils and say, "My mommy meets me." It comes out a bit like, "By bobby beets be."

Clues and answers

A.Composer who influenced Ravel and BoulezDEBUSSY
B.Predatory strategy for catsAMBUSH
C.Old Indochinese CommunistsVIETMINH
D.Massive, titanic, mammothIMMENSE
E.Dry subject of a 2012 Ken Burns film (2 wds.)DUSTBOWL
F.___ Doctor (epithet for St. Bonaventure)SERAPHIC
G."Be that as it may ..."ANYHOW
H.Home for some cenobitesCLOISTER
I.Stifling thing to put on somethingKIBOSH
J.One's one and only (2 wds.)SOULMATE
K.Appealing to Luddites (hyph.)LOWTECH
L.Ugandan hub on Lake VictoriaENTEBBE
M.Hay material also known as herd's-grassTIMOTHY
N.Multiday cricket affair with lunch and tea breaks (2 wds.)TESTMATCH
O.Canine on the edge of the roof?EYETOOTH
P.Douay-___ BibleRHEIMS
Q."Lies and ___ are the refuge of fools and cowards" (Lord Chesterfield)PERFIDY
R.United Christendom movementECUMENISM
S.Baskerville or Bodoni, e.g. (2 wds.)ROMANTYPE
T.Choking danger at a seafood restaurant (2 wds.)FISHBONE
U.Expressive set of punctuation marksEMOTICON
V.Christmas tree decoration (2 wds.)CANDYCANE
W.Mythological character on whom Shakespeare's Juliet is basedTHISBE
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