Acrostic Solution for Sunday, September 7, 2003

by Emily Cox & Henry Rathvon


E.L. DOCTOROW, LIVES OF THE POETS — I've never found a hat that looks right on me... fedora, homburg, Swiss Tirol, Irish tinker, deerhound, Russian lamb, baseball, ten-gallon, seaman watch, Greek fisher, garrison, pith or steel helmet, on me they're all dunce caps.

Clues and answers

A.Pertaining to the summerESTIVAL
B.Capital of India's Uttar Pradesh stateLUCKNOW
C.What the Palmer Index measuresDROUGHT
D.Egress from a high-speed flow (2 wds.)OFFRAMP
E.Those who call themselves "Zhongguo ren"CHINESE
F.It may be bay-headed, beryl-spangled, scarlet-rumped or saffron-crownedTANAGER
G.Frederick ___, founder of American landscape architectureOLMSTED
H.Loud argument, in slangRHUBARB
I.Like some chances and baseball pitchesOUTSIDE
J.Author of "The House of Mirth"WHARTON
K.Cousin of a crayfishLOBSTER
L.Dispenser of a salubrious vaporINHALER
M.N.F.L. team that plays in the MetrodomeVIKINGS
N.Mythological spirit supposed to work great mischiefERLKING
O.Birkenstock stockSANDALS
P.Like a deal that won't be offered again (hyph.)ONESHOT
Q.Complimentary theater ticket, for exampleFREEBIE
R.Cry upon sighting the quarryTALLYHO
S.One regarded as irreligious or uncivilizedHEATHEN
T.Scholar whose "Praise of Folly" was dedicated to Sir Thomas MoreERASMUS
U.Basic unit of linguisticsPHONEME
V.A bit like ShrekOGREISH
W.Likely to behave unpredictablyERRATIC
X.Back, bottom or conclusion of anything (2 wds.)TAILEND
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