Acrostic Solution for Sunday, September 6, 2015

by Emily Cox & Henry Rathvon


MOTHER JONES, (THE) AUTOBIOGRAPHY (OF MOTHER JONES) — Goodbye, boys; I'm under arrest. I may have to go to jail. ... Keep up this fight! Don't surrender! ... . The Federal judge is a scab... . While you starve he plays golf. While you serve humanity, he serves injunctions for the money powers.

Clues and answers

A.Rogues' gallery component (2 wds.)MUGSHOT
C.Job security, for someTENURE
D.Baleful story about a farm?HAYLOFT
E.Working for payEMPLOYED
F.Agitate in the style of the author of this puzzle's quote (2 wds.)RAISEHELL
G.Tool for a woodworkerJIGSAW
H.Fundament of capitalismOWNERSHIP
I.When Small Business Saturday takes place each yearNOVEMBER
J.Trade stoppage for political purposesEMBARGO
K.Possible strike consequenceSHUTDOWN
L.Out in the countryside; away from homeAFIELD
M.Where Labor Studies may be taughtUNIVERSITY
N.Means of law enforcement, so to speakTEETH
O.Agreed to, given the go-aheadOKAYED
P.Place for tens of thousands of workersBEEHIVE
Q.Basis for workers' compINJURY
R.Have a supervisory role inOVERSEE
S.Rank and file in an organization (2 wds.)GRASSROOTS
T.Criminal record, informally (2 wds.)RAPSHEET
U.Made to reflect cost-of-living changes, e.g.ADJUSTED
V.Clear, simple and effective, as a speechPUNCHY
W.Concern for migrant workersHOUSING
X.Los Angeles mayor during the 1965 Watts riotsYORTY
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