Acrostic Solution for Sunday, September 4, 2016

by Emily Cox & Henry Rathvon


MARCIA BARTUSIAK, BLACK HOLE — [S]pace-time... becomes a bottomless pit. Light and matter can go in but never come back out. It's a... condition of zero volume and infinite density called a "singularity..." ... where the ordinary laws of physics completely break down.

Clues and answers

A.Good thing to have in a campaign or sports contestMOMENTUM
B.What Byron wrote that he'd stop, in a poem (hyph.)AROVING
C.Discombobulate; baby's toyRATTLE
D.Get everyone panicked over nothing (2 wds.)CRYWOLF
E.Sharp, trenchant, penetratingINCISIVE
F.Conjectural as opposed to practicalACADEMIC
G.Items that a clown wardrobe is apt to include (2 wds.)BOWTIES
H.Reduced to fine particlesATOMIZED
I.Not done in a leisurely fashionRUSHED
J.An asset unless it reaches the point of parsimonyTHRIFT
K.Like a house of cardsUNSTABLE
L.Hue whose name has an Italian originSIENNA
M.Struck so as to leave cratersIMPACTED
N.Gray areaANATOMY
O.Study of the forces that cause motion in bodiesKINETICS
P.Groom with a hand-held device (hyph.)BLOWDRY
Q.Ring that might rescue you (2 wds.)LIFEBUOY
R.Epithet of pioneer John ChapmanAPPLESEED
S.Pi, for exampleCONSTANT
T.Breed once known as the Dutch Barge DogKEESHOND
U.Item whose point was known to MelvilleHARPOON
V.Impediment, as in negotiationsOBSTACLE
W.Crime driving the story in "Alice's Restaurant"LITTERING
X.Environmentalist's studyECOLOGY
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