Acrostic Solution for Sunday, September 4, 2005

by Emily Cox & Henry Rathvon


(BARBARA) WOODHOUSE, TALKING TO ANIMALS — "Talking to animals"... is a matter of... your expression, and above all the tone of your voice. A harsh voice from me can make my cows jump in terror. I shouted at old Queenie once and she... fell down just as if she'd been shot.

Clues and answers

A.Sweetly endearingWINSOME
B.Working vacation, for exampleOXYMORON
C.Burning up; filled with fervor (2 wds.)ONFIRE
D.Paul Verlaine or Oscar Wilde, literarilyDECADENT
E.Bean protectorHELMET
F.A whole heap, a zillionOODLES
G.1965 Nobel Peace Prize winnerUNICEF
H."Hand With Reflecting ___" (M. C. Escher lithograph)SPHERE
I."Language" of the horse whisperer Monty RobertsEQUUS
J.Limit, in terms of sensitivityTHRESHOLD
K.Four-time Indianapolis 500 champion (3 wds.)AJFOYT
L.Emulsifier obtained from egg yolksLECITHIN
M.Great Temple of Amon siteKARNAK
N.Collaborating on the sly (2 wds.)INCAHOOTS
O.Place to race yachts in Rhode IslandNEWPORT
P.Loser in a parable in I SamuelGOLIATH
R.Layer of sound applied in the studioOVERDUB
S.Water, jocularly (2 wds.)ADAMSALE
T.Tribe known for weaving and sand-paintingNAVAJO
U.A foot like "afoot"IAMBUS
V.1990 film for which Kathy Bates won an Oscar for Best ActressMISERY
W.Wading bird with an upcurved billAVOCET
X.Astrobiologist's Holy Grail (2 wds.)LIFEFORM
Y."Love, all alike, no __ knows" (John Donne)(2 wds.)SEASON
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