Acrostic Solution for Sunday, September 30, 2007

by Emily Cox & Henry Rathvon


DORIS (KEARNS) GOODWIN, TEAM OF RIVALS — Captivated by [Mary Todd's] lively manner, intelligent face, clear blue eyes, and dimpled smile, Lincoln reportedly said, "I want to dance with you in the worst way." And, Mary laughingly told her cousin later..., "he certainly did."

Clues and answers

A.Artwork on two hinged panelsDIPTYCH
B.What Betsy Ross worked on (2 wds.)OLDGLORY
C.Eponym of a widely used logarithmic scaleRICHTER
D.Charged in an unwelcome wayINDICTED
E.Set item in many a westernSAGUARO
F."You should see a psychiatrist!" (2 wds.)GETHELP
G.Making the rounds?ORBITAL
H.Not likely to say "I'm sorry" for a crimeOBDURATE
I.Sports franchise that perennially dominatesDYNASTY
J.Whether desired or not; randomly (hyph.)WILLYNILLY
K.Country with the oldest known geyser ... and from which the word "geyser" comesICELAND
L.___ Longbottom, bumbling friend of Harry PotterNEVILLE
M.Pilot's aid in making good timeTAILWIND
N.Boiled soybean pods, in Japanese cuisineEDAMAME
O.Destination of some wavesANTENNA
P.Home of the bluesy Beale StreetMEMPHIS
Q.State occupied by Jesse James beginning in 1866OUTLAWRY
R.Person who makes arrowsFLETCHER
S.Having widespread name recognitionRENOWNED
T.Staple of aromatherapyINCENSE
U.Abutter of Lake ChamplainVERMONT
V.What a pH below 7 indicatesACIDITY
W.Jazz nickname, or March 25 on the Christian calendar (2 wds.)LADYDAY
X.Fires off 21 rounds, maybeSALUTES
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