Acrostic Solution for Sunday, September 3, 2006

by Emily Cox & Henry Rathvon


SUSAN STRASSER, WASTE AND WANT — Everyone was a bricoleur in the preindustrial household of the American colonies...; saving and reusing scraps was a matter of course. Cloth, wood, and food could only be obtained by arduous... work, or by spending scarce cash.

Clues and answers

A.Labored; prepared for an infant?STRAINED
B.With C., muckraking author of "Oil!"UPTON
D.Ready and willing to make doADAPTABLE
E.1979 film about organizing labor (2 wds.)NORMARAE
F.Calmly accepting of harsh conditionsSTOIC
G.Common frame element (hyph.)TWOBYFOUR
H.Get more service out ofRECYCLE
I.Improvised; for a special purpose (2 wds.)ADHOC
J.Lacking in team spiritSELFISH
K.Defendant found guilty in a celebrated 1925 trialSCOPES
L.Careful management of resources, thriftECONOMY
M.Material of interest to garbologistsRUBBISH
N.Q.'s chronicle of simple livingWALDEN
O.Dietary staple for deer, mice and jaysACORNS
P.Settler in Alaska or northwest CanadaSOURDOUGH
Q.Writer once employed in the family pencil factoryTHOREAU
R.Undertake with a purposeENDEAVOR
S.Umbrella organization for the U.A.W. and Natl. Air Traffic Controllers Assn. (hyph.)AFLCIO
T.Provide with sustenanceNOURISH
U.Larva of an antlion; divining rodDOODLEBUG
V.Production of homespun, gabardine or poplinWEAVING
W.Examined; took a crack atASSAYED
X.Neologism with limited currency (2 wds.)NONCEWORD
Y.Experts in jury-riggingTINKERS
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