Acrostic Solution for Sunday, September 26, 1999

by Emily Cox & Henry Rathvon


G(EORGES) PEREC: LIFE A USER'S MANUAL — [A]n unicum ... is an object which is the only one of its kind...., like ... the bread basket into which the head of Louis XVI ... rolled, ... the Ems Telegram, the boxing gloves Dempsey wore to defeat Carpentier..., [or] Tarzan's first underpants....

Clues and answers

A.Rain gear trademark (hyph.)GORETEX
B.Bird for which Alcatraz is namedPELICAN
C.Emmy-winning role for Vivian Vance (2 wds.)ETHELMERTZ
D.Counterbalance clear-cuttingREFOREST
E.Retroactively (3 wds.)EXPOSTFACTO
F.Where Sisyphus was kingCORINTH
G.Bookkeeper's volumeLEDGER
H.Up-to-date, actively engaged (3 wds.)INTHESWIM
I.Person who often works at a bankFISHER
J.Poetry and music competition in WalesEISTEDDFOD
K.Comedy wherein Touchstone the jester is found (4 wds.)ASYOULIKEIT
L.Knighted actor with two OscarsUSTINOV
M.Site of a French defeat in 1870SEDAN
N.James Thurber's collaborator on "Is Sex Necessary?" (3 wds.)EBWHITE
P.Food that's marinated and grilled (2 wds.)SHISHKEBAB
Q.Poet who wrote "Lords are lordliest in their wine"MILTON
R.Firm for eating (2 wds.)ALDENTE
S.Movie adapted for Broadway as "Silk Stockings"NINOTCHKA
T.Constellation known in Europe as the Plow (2 wds.)URSAMAJOR
U.Tapénade ingredientANCHOVY
V."Don't be so serious!" (2 wds.)LIGHTENUP
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