Acrostic Solution for Sunday, September 25, 2022

by Emily Cox & Henry Rathvon


KELEFA SANNEH, MAJOR LABELS -- The success and intensity of groups like Judas Priest inspired what was known as the new wave of British heavy metal, or NWOBHM, an initialism that was... better suited to obsessive fanzines than to casual conversation.

Clues and answers

A.Shape atop some streetlights in Hershey, Pa.KISS
B.Jack the Ripper's London haunt (2 wds.)EASTEND
C.Dope, skinny; dirty, rottenLOWDOWN
D.One meaning of "head" as a suffixENTHUSIAST
E.High-volume streaming device (2 wds.)FIREHOSE
F.Collections of stars?AWARDS
G.Produce chemically ... or electronicallySYNTHESIZE
H."Green fairy" in a bottleABSINTHE
I.Pastry named for an emperorNAPOLEON
J.LeBron James, Stephen Curry or Nikola Jokic, each multiple times (2 wds., abbr.)NBAMVP
K.Kingdom largely surrounded by South AfricaESWATINI
L.Latter-day bohemianHIPSTER
M.Cereal typically frosted (hyph.)MINIWHEATS
N.Gobsmacked, blown awayAWESTRUCK
O.Precisely, spot on, to a T (2 wds.)JUSTSO
P.Instrument over 11 feet tall, played with pedals and a bowOCTOBASS
Q.Fictional setting for "The Music Man" (2 wds.)RIVERCITY
R.J.Lo, Shakira or Celia CruzLATINA
S.Hoop for a performer to jump throughAUDITION
T.Like some properties susceptible to soil erosion and hurricane damageBEACHFRONT
U.Popular 1990s female R&B quartet whose name is French for "fashionable" (2 wds.)ENVOGUE
V.Biblical sea monster; Thomas Hobbes workLEVIATHAN
W.The week in brief?SMTWTFS
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