Acrostic Solution for Sunday, September 24, 2000

by Emily Cox & Henry Rathvon


FLORENCE KING, REFLECTIONS (IN A JAUNDICED EYE) — For preppies [the nicknaming ritual]... allows Bunny to tell Pooky that they belong to the same tribe, while among the good ole boys it serves the cause of masculine dominance by identifying Bear and Wrecker as Alpha males.

Clues and answers

A.Safeguard against computer virusesFIREWALL
B.Argument about wordsLOGOMACHY
C.Behind the times; trite (2 wds.)OLDHAT
D.Satirist patronized by Francis I of FranceRABELAIS
E.Plant, like Spanish moss, supported nonparasitically by another plantEPIPHYTE
F.Author of 1979's "Language and Responsibility" (2 wds.)NOAMCHOMSKY
G.Post-parade sweepingsCONFETTI
H.1957 play with people stuck in ashcansENDGAME
I.Use for which instant coffee was first developed (2 wds.)KRATIONS
J.One terminus of the Orient ExpressISTANBUL
K.Actor who played Bobby Trippe in "Deliverance" (2 wds.)NEDBEATTY
L.Headquarters of the World Health OrganizationGENEVA
M.Work by Liszt or RavelRHAPSODY
N.Possible cause for a midlife crisis (2 wds.)EMPTYNEST
O.1996 film awarded an Oscar for Best Original ScreenplayFARGO
P.Short, storywise (hyph.)LOWRISE
Q.Insect with posterior forcepsEARWIG
R.Destructive storm of 1969CAMILLE
S.BBC production with Tinky Winky and Laa-LaaTELETUBBIES
T.Owing money (3 wds.)INTHEHOLE
U.King of the fairiesOBERON
V.Thing without equalNONESUCH
W."The beep heard round the world" in 1957SPUTNIK
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