Acrostic Solution for Sunday, September 23, 2012

by Emily Cox & Henry Rathvon


(JOYCE) TYLDESLEY, TUTANKHAMEN — The Egyptians omitted vowels from their hieroglyphic texts; like modern emailers and... (txtrs), they saw no need to waste time... and space... writing sounds and sometimes even words that would have been obvious to everyone. Lol.

Clues and answers

A.Ideal amount for some gamblers (hyph.)TWENTYONE
B.Body colored by windblown Gobi Desert sand (2 wds.)YELLOWSEA
C.What Daedalus made for MinosLABYRINTH
D.Mentally or manually agileDEXTEROUS
E.Birthplace of Sir Arthur Conan DoyleEDINBURGH
F.Guys who like outdoorsy gamesSPORTSMEN
G.Union driven by passion (2 wds.)LOVEMATCH
H.Harvard dropout who invented the Polaroid camera (2 wds.)EDWINLAND
I.Chant of sailors hauling together (hyph.)YOHEAVEHO
J.Fitted out like a brigantine (hyph.)TWOMASTED
K.Machine favored by Faulkner and FitzgeraldUNDERWOOD
L.Wire fasteners wrapped in plastic or paper (2 wds.)TWISTTIES
M.Forceful, in-your-faceASSERTIVE
N.Fan-shaped region including Alexandria and Zagazig (2 wds.)NILEDELTA
O.Low-growing weed with jointed stemsKNOTGRASS
P.What might get shot around the house (2 wds.)HOMEMOVIE
Q.Pithy sayings that may be moralisticAPOTHEGMS
R.Copies greatly reduced in sizeMICRODOTS
S.High, steep, not easy to coverEXPENSIVE
T.Subject of a bust attributed to the sculptor ThutmoseNEFERTITI
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