Acrostic Solution for Sunday, September 21, 2014

by Emily Cox & Henry Rathvon


HERODOTUS, AN ACCOUNT OF EGYPT — [T]his is the appearance which he presents: he is four-footed, cloven-hoofed like an ox, flat-nosed, with a mane like a horse and... teeth like tusks,... and his hide is so exceedingly thick that... shafts of javelins are made of it.

Clues and answers

A.What is described by this puzzle's quotation, informallyHIPPO
B.Bartholdi's helper with the Statue of LibertyEIFFEL
C.Something often put on a dogRELISH
D.Recurring melodic phraseOSTINATO
E.Dried out at a facilityDETOXED
F.City of the "Moneyball" teamOAKLAND
G.Inclined to have sticky fingersTHIEVISH
H.Free, as from a trainUNHITCH
I.Salad green at a sushi restaurantSEAWEED
J.Stuck on, as a letter's stampAFFIXED
K.Opponents one rarely defeatsNEMESES
L.Jacket for an arctic trekANORAK
M.Acclaimed playwright who was a physician by professionCHEKHOV
N.Mark the homophone of answer M.? (2 wds.)CHECKOFF
O.Glance, especially an amorous oneOEILLADE
P.Items included in mess kitsUTENSILS
Q.Apple app for readers of current eventsNEWSSTAND
R.What spines may revealTITLES
S.Aeschylus trilogyORESTEIA
T.Language also called SuomiFINNISH
U.Given the old heave-hoEJECTED
W.Veil worn by some Muslim women in TurkeyYASHMAK
X.Dynast often pictured in a headdressPHARAOH
Y.Ibis-headed god of wisdom and magicTHOTH
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