Acrostic Solution for Sunday, September 21, 2003

by Emily Cox & Henry Rathvon


(LAWRENCE M.) FRIEDMAN, (THE) HORIZONTAL SOCIETY — The average citizen, who has no idea how… a refrigerator works, still feels that scientists, if they worked hard enough, could cure… the common cold, or get… power out of turnip juice, or send a satellite zooming off to Pluto.

Clues and answers

A.Leaf of a sort used by Leonardo for drawing inventionsFOLIO
B.Star like Proxima Centauri (2 wds.)REDDWARF
C.Deuterium, to hydrogen, e.g.ISOTOPE
D.Paul ___, Nobel-winning chemist who pioneered in chemotherapyEHRLICH
E.Shape of a torusDOUGHNUT
F.Device sometimes used as an atomic clockMASER
G.Critical appraisal, originally of gold (2 wds.)ACIDTEST
H.Venerable British weekly with a biological slantNATURE
I."The Universe in a Nutshell" authorHAWKING
J.Highly intelligent cephalopodOCTOPUS
K.Exacting; thorough, as a proofRIGOROUS
L.Center for learning and researchINSTITUTE
M.One of 100 in a googolZERO
N.Phenomenon prompting 1987's Montreal Protocol (2 wds.)OZONEHOLE
O.Physics unit named for a noted mathematicianNEWTON
P.Possibly obtuse figureTRIANGLE
Q.Heating apparatus in a laboratoryAUTOCLAVE
R.1.8 million-year-old Homo habilis specimen found in 1960 in Tanzania (2 wds.)LOWERJAW
S.What orthoptic exercises improveSIGHT
T.Danish physicist who discovered electromagnetismOERSTED
U.Old World avian harbinger of springCHIFFCHAFF
V.Succumb to external pressureIMPLODE
W.Animal whose body heat comes from withoutECTOTHERM
X.Paleolith, for exampleTOOL
Y.Observatory with the world's largest refracting telescopeYERKES
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