Acrostic Solution for Sunday, September 20, 2015

by Emily Cox & Henry Rathvon


(ALI) WENTWORTH, ALI IN WONDERLAND — I physically cannot chug. I'm a sipper. And I inherited a very low tolerance to alcohol from my mother. She once drank a glass of white wine and performed the entire second act of The Pirates of Penzance in our kitchen.

Clues and answers

A.Eponym of a New York art museumWHITNEY
B.Thermodynamic quantity equivalent to the total heat content of a systemENTHALPY
C.Faroe Islands settlers circa 800NORSEMEN
D.Silicate named for a god of ScandinaviaTHORITE
E.Proceeding like the Jabberwock through the tulgey woodWHIFFLING
F.Situated at the back of the skullOCCIPITAL
G.Common tidbit in trail mixRAISIN
H.It has a bar for swingersTRAPEZE
I.Crested bird named for the sound of its cryHOOPOE
J.Line found in a treeANCESTRY
K.Literally, "battle of words"LOGOMACHY
M.Room-connecting systemINTERCOM
N.Given to roamingNOMADIC
O.Use flattery to get one's wayWHEEDLE
P.Like some betting on races (hyph.)OFFTRACK
Q.Recently arrived or developedNOUVEAU
R.Like the canvas of a pointillistDOTTED
S.Sum and substanceESSENCE
T.Figure with a scytheREAPER
U.Grab hold (2 wds.)LATCHON
V.Lew ____, Ross Macdonald's fictional private eyeARCHER
W.Items in rings until usedNAPKINS
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