Acrostic Solution for Sunday, September 2, 2018

by Emily Cox & Henry Rathvon


LISA HALLIDAY, ASYMMETRY — A man flying into Honolulu says to the guy in the seat next to him, "Excuse me, how do you pronounce it? Hawaii or Havaii?" "Havaii," says the other guy. "Thank you," says the first guy. And the other guy says, "You're velcome."

Clues and answers

A.Make one's diaphragm contract rhythmicallyLAUGH
B.Big multimedia content managerITUNES
C.Toxin-fighting fluidsSERA
D.Original model; perfect exampleARCHETYPE
E.Sturdy enough to take hard knocks (hyph.)HEAVYDUTY
G.19th-century champion of women's rights (2 wds.)LUCYSTONE
H.Rigor's oppositeLAXITY
I.Opposite of sincerity, in a senseIRONY
J.Wiring scheme with sequentially linked devices (2 wds.)DAISYCHAIN
K.Ungentle task for an angelAVENGING
L.Home of the Mariposa GroveYOSEMITE
M.Interpretation of omens from the flight of birdsAUGURY
N.Job for Horatio Alger's Ragged DickSHOESHINE
O.Cheap lodging for travelers (2 wds.)YOUTHHOSTEL
P.Freshener of a trapMOUTHWASH
Q.Tunnel that may house an elevator (2 wds.)MINESHAFT
R.Probable state of a marathon finisherEXHAUSTION
S.Disobedient civilian of 1846THOREAU
T.Issue where two roads cross (3 wds.)RIGHTOFWAY
U.Designer of the Imagine Peace Tower in Iceland (2 wds.)YOKOONO
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