Acrostic Solution for Sunday, September 2, 2007

by Emily Cox & Henry Rathvon


BETTY MACDONALD, THE EGG AND I — I got so I could dress chickens like an expert, but... wondered how this ability to defeather a chicken in about two minutes... could ever be mentioned socially... or gracefully demonstrated as with violin and piano playing.

Clues and answers

A.Heated enclosure for raising fowlBROODER
B.Bookplate (2 wds.)EXLIBRIS
C.Concoct, devise, invent (2 wds.)THINKUP
D.Charge for brain enhancementTUITION
E.Yellow wrappe (2 wds.)YOLKSAC
F.Grasp-inhibiting wearMITTENS
G.White that's clear, naturallyALBUMEN
H.Breed of hen from an English countyCORNISH
I.With Word J., a hammy breakfastDENVER
K.The Creek, e.g., to the Southeastern U.S.NATIVES
L.Involved with the science of soundACOUSTIC
M.Productive layer from ItalyLEGHORN
N.Extra baggage; unneeded verbiage; discarded cards in pokerDEADWOOD
O.Cloth for drying dishes, cutlery, etc. (2 wds.)TEATOWEL
P.Came out of one's shellHATCHED
Q.Spicy tortilla dish filled with meatENCHILADA
R.Shaped ovatelyELLIPTICAL
S.Spreading dirt around?GOSSIPY
T.Complained in a fowl way?GROUSED
U.Sense of natural kinshipAFFINITY
V.City where Teddy Roosevelt was born (2 wds.)NEWYORK
W.Abate, as noise (2 wds.)DIEDOWN
X.Sit on in the way some mothers wouldINCUBATE
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