Acrostic Solution for Sunday, September 19, 2004

by Emily Cox & Henry Rathvon


(J.K.) ROWLING, THE SORCERER'S STONE — Harry learned that there were seven hundred ways of committing a Quidditch foul, and that... although people rarely died playing Quidditch, referees had been known to vanish and turn up months later in the Sahara Desert.

Clues and answers

A.Groove-throated whale also called a razorbackRORQUAL
B.One with a diet of raw meatOMOPHAGIST
C.Homer's "fresh west wind, singing over the ___ sea" (hyph.)WINEDARK
D.Capital city about 11,800 feet above sea levelLHASA
E.Three-time U.S. Open champion from Czechoslovakia (2 wds.)IVANLENDL
F.Build a nestNIDIFY
G.Eating or sleeping, for exampleGERUND
H.Silly stuff coming out of people's mouthsTWADDLE
I.Wild, shrubby sort of placeHEATH
J.Transitory things; printed matter of passing interestEPHEMERA
K.Charming in a smooth, sophisticated waySUAVE
L.As salad dressing might be served (3 wds.)ONTHESIDE
M.Rare and exotic; pretentious or overrefinedRECHERCHE
N.Using merciless tactics in competitionCUTTHROAT
O.Silver-tongued, movingly expressiveELOQUENT
P.Quarrel; matter added to text in printing (hyph.)RUNIN
Q.Audacious, brazen carrying-onEFFRONTERY
R.Opposite of a southpawRIGHTY
S.Epithet of Buddha meaning "he who has attained his goal"SIDDHARTHA
T.Flounderlike fish of the north Pacific (2 wds.)SANDDAB
U.Torn pieceTATTER
V.So obvious as to be easily solved (hyph.)OPENANDSHUT
W.Locale of the presidential house known as Rashtrapati Bhavan (2 wds.)NEWDELHI
X.Null; vacant; idleEMPTY
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