Acrostic Solution for Sunday, September 18, 2016

by Emily Cox & Henry Rathvon


LESLIE SAVAN, (THE) SPONSORED LIFE — When Monty Python's mistaken messiah in "The Life of Brian" exhorts the crowd... "Don't follow me!... Think for yourselves!... You are all individuals!" they reply in unison, "We are all individuals!" That is advertising in a nutshell.

Clues and answers

A.Dreamy place of pleasure, Shangri-LaLOTUSLAND
B.Bovine seen in the dairy aisleELSIE
C.Jack Benny personaSKINFLINT
D.Move like a ponderous giantLUMBER
E.Oscar-winning song from "Nashville" (2 wds.)IMEASY
F.Benevolent being whose name comes from the Greek for "good spirit"EUDEMON
G.Casualty of the 18th AmendmentSALOON
H.Artist whose purple "Self-Portrait" sold in 2010 for $32.6 million (2 wds.)ANDYWARHOL
I.Energize, spark, quicken, animateVIVIFY
J.Toward terra firmaASHORE
K.Passing comment? (2 wds.)NOTHANKS
L.Former eponym of VolgogradSTALIN
M.George Plimpton's fictional Sidd Finch, for onePITCHER
N.Antebellum Dixie (2 wds.)OLDSOUTH
O.Uranium's atomic number (hyph.)NINETYTWO
P.Noticeable progressSTRIDES
Q.Finished, finally (2 wds.)OVERWITH
R.Leader of a gifted team?RUDOLPH
S.Gin-making entrepreneur born in 1765 (2 wds.)ELIWHITNEY
T.Small boat whose name comes from HindiDINGHY
U.Airline with the slogan "Nonstop you"LUFTHANSA
V.Get blended together, commingleINTERMIX
W.Mass unloading of goods at extremely discounted prices (2 wds.)FIRESALE
X.Alternative to Perrier or San PellegrinoEVIAN
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