Acrostic Solution for Sunday, September 18, 2005

by Emily Cox & Henry Rathvon


(GEOFFREY) NUNBERG, GOING NUCULAR — You can get a good sense of the pace of change over the past century just by looking at the retronyms we've accumulated[:]… steam locomotive, silent movie, manual transmission, AM radio, day baseball,… and acoustic guitar.

Clues and answers

A.Pre-extraction applicationNOVOCAINE
B.Modern-day tale probably apocryphal (2 wds.)URBANLEGEND
C.Check early (4 wds.)NIPINTHEBUD
D.Ones ranked from Tenderfoot to Eagle (2 wds.)BOYSCOUTS
E.List-ending expression for Pliny (2 wds.)ETALIA
F.Winners of Super Bowl XXXIV, in 2000RAMS
G.Idaho (2 wds.)GEMSTATE
H.What a fallout shelter may block (2 wds.)GAMMARAYS
I.Defeat in a democratic processOUTVOTE
J.Before you can blink an eye (3 wds.)INAJIFFY
K.Flower whose name means nose-twist, from its pungencyNASTURTIUM
L.Sportive; ready to playGAMESOME
M.Jazz crooner's daughter whose 1975 debut album was Inseparable (2 wds.)NATALIECOLE
N.Meeting the conditions; fit; capable (3 wds.)UPTOSCRATCH
O.Modified name for an old soft drink (2 wds.)CLASSICCOKE
P.Leading ladies of the theater?USHERETTES
Q.Expressing affection too mushily (hyph.)LOVEYDOVEY
R.Modified name for a traditional timepiece (2 wds.)ANALOGWATCH
S.Vain boasting, braggadocioRODOMONTADE
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