Acrostic Solution for Sunday, September 17, 2006

by Emily Cox & Henry Rathvon


CARL SAGAN, (THE) DEMON-HAUNTED WORLD — Jefferson... believed that... skepticism is an essential prerequisite for responsible citizenship. He argued that the cost of education is trivial compared to the cost of ignorance, of leaving the government to the wolves.

Clues and answers

A.Star-studded PBS series of 1980COSMOS
B.Once current but now out of useARCHAIC
C.Interval of sweet reliefRESPITE
D.Six to nothing (2 wds.)LOVESET
E.Nickname for many a first basemanSTRETCH
F.Fats Domino's actual first nameANTOINE
G.Only Beatles #1 hit to credit an outside artist (2 wds.)GETBACK
I.TV monitor?NIELSEN
J.State of affairs that may be of concern to economistsDEFICIT
K.Subterfuge of one interrogatedEVASION
L.Gabriel Garcia ___, Colombian-born writer who pioneered in magic realismMARQUEZ
M.For a quarterback, passing, running and handing offOPTIONS
N.Sack dress?NIGHTIE
O.Altimetry readingsHEIGHTS
P.Slap in the faceAFFRONT
Q.Sports dudsUNIFORM
R.Work on a breather? (2 wds.)NOSEJOB
S.Most depressing or stressful (2 wds.)THEPITS
T.Clean-burning additive to gasolineETHANOL
U.Where General Motors has its headquartersDETROIT
V.Swung and missed three timesWHIFFED
W.Physician using a Snellen chartOCULIST
X.Move in an orbital courseREVOLVE
Y.Prose and poetry, metaphoricallyLETTERS
Z.Do as roads in a Robert Frost poemDIVERGE
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