Acrostic Solution for Sunday, September 16, 2007

by Emily Cox & Henry Rathvon


[EDWARD] HARRISON, MASKS OF THE UNIVERSE — [E]lectrons do not move in clear-cut orbits like... celestial bodies. ... [T]hey dance, and the atom is a ballroom. They perform stately waltzes, weave curvaceous tangos, jitter in spasmodic quicksteps, and rock to frenetic rhythms.

Clues and answers

A.Composer of "The Planets"HOLST
B.Graph line showing another line's limitsASYMPTOTE
C.Engine used to propel missilesRAMJET
D.English law regarding disturbing the peace, repealed in 1973 (2 wds.)RIOTACT
E.Title role for a Wagnerian sopranoISOLDE
F.Break down, in a way (2 wds.)SHEDTEARS
G.Vociferously negative reactionOUTCRY
H.Maker of Mallomars and Chips Ahoy!NABISCO
I.Like clockwork, e.g.MECHANIZED
J.Treacherous but lamented son of DavidABSALOM
K.Change for the worseSETBACK
L.Acted as a sentinel (2 wds.)KEPTWATCH
M.Coal-producing region of PolandSILESIA
N.Available to be seen (2 wds.)ONVIEW
O.Doughy carnival treatFRITTER
P.Troubled heavyweight champ of the 1980sTYSON
Q.Serene and tranquil; gloriousHALCYON
R.Avon or Inverness, e.g.EARLDOM
S.Not revealed, incalculableUNTOLD
T.Ferromagnetic metal mined near Riddle, Ore.NICKEL
U.Active, as a law; en masse (2 wds.)INFORCE
V.Jazz record label since 1956VERVE
W.Ford model replaced by the FocusESCORT
X.Slow to speak, close-mouthedRETICENT
Y.Frost protection in a citrus grove (2 wds.)SMUDGEPOT
Z.Matches or ties; peersEQUALS
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