Acrostic Solution for Sunday, September 15, 2019

by Emily Cox & Henry Rathvon


(AUDREY) SUTHERLAND, PADDLING NORTH — They say geese honk. That isn't the right word. It isn't an ooga like a Model A Ford, or a beep like a VW. It's a symphony of a dozen clear trumpets and haunting French horns all on different notes. It's Circe and the Lorelei... .

Clues and answers

A.Musical piece in a playful veinSCHERZO
B.Sealskin craft conveying Inuit passengersUMIAK
C.Passing, brief, ephemeralTRANSIENT
D.How to ride a skeleton bobsledHEADFIRST
E.Ghostly, weird, otherworldlyELDRITCH
F.Antique radio adjusting deviceRHEOSTAT
G.Ornamental plant with delicate foliage (2 wds.)LADYFERN
H.Water bird with a snakelike neckANHINGA
I."____ in the Shade" (Thomas McGuane novel) (hyph.)NINETYTWO
J.Imagist poet HildaDOOLITTLE
K.Olympian used to being underwaterPOSEIDON
L.Flower said to have sprung from the blood of AdonisANEMONE
M.Foil to Bugs and ElmerDAFFY
N.Bottlenose ____ (sea creature)DOLPHIN
O.Adherent of the so-called "100-mile diet"LOCAVORE
P."Parent" of some calves (2 wds.)ICESHELF
Q.Creature with a single spiral tuskNARWHAL
R.Liberal, lavish; benevolentGENEROUS
S.Best setting for viewing an aurora (2 wds.)NIGHTSKY
T.Player of the duck in "Peter and the Wolf"OBOIST
U.Competition for boatersREGATTA
V.Shakespeare play that opens on a ship at sea, with "The"TEMPEST
W.Listen up, old-styleHEARKEN
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