Acrostic Solution for Sunday, September 14, 2008

by Emily Cox & Henry Rathvon


RALPH KEYES, THE QUOTE VERIFIER — Some of Wilde's best lines occurred only during conversation. "One must have a heart of stone to read the death of Little Nell without laughing" for example — like many of his... quips — appears nowhere in his published work.

Clues and answers

A."The very essence of ___ is uncertainty"ROMANCE
B.Character of this puzzle's subject who speaks the line in clue A.ALGERNON
C.Jarndyce v. Jarndyce in Dickens, e.g.LAWSUIT
D.Item of light construction?PHOTON
E.Young punk or gangsterHOODLUM
F.Doll named for a love deityKEWPIE
G."Sophisticated Lady" composerELLINGTON
H."Can I get some attention here?" (hyph.)YOOHOO
I.Important thing to be, per a comedy of 1895EARNEST
J.Player of this puzzle's subject in 1997 (2 wds.)STEPHENFRY
K."I can resist everything except ___," wrote this puzzle's subjectTEMPTATION
L.Sir Robert to Lady Gertrude in an 1895 playHUSBAND
M."Nothing succeeds like ___," wrote this puzzle's subjectEXCESS
N.Hearty drinksQUAFFS
O.Instrument sometimes made from koa woodUKULELE
P.Poet who wrote "I could have loved New York had I not loved Balti-more" (2 wds.)OGDENNASH
Q.Figure associated with a hammerTHOR
R.Cause of damage suggested in Robert Frost's "Mending Wall"ELVES
S.Made to seem the bad guyVILIFIED
T.Apt to choose right over wrongETHICAL
U.Say, in effect, "Oh yeah?"REBUT
V.Mischievous, pixieishIMPISH
W.Items shunned by anthophobesFLOWERS
X.Nationality metaphorical for high dudgeonIRISH
Y.Prince in "The Prince and the Pauper"EDWARD
Z.Pi, for instanceRATIO
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