Acrostic Solution for Sunday, September 12, 2021

by Emily Cox & Henry Rathvon


MARY (HUNTER) AUSTIN, (THE) LAND OF LITTLE RAIN — The yucca bristles with bayonet-pointed leaves, dull green, growing shaggy with age, tipped with panicles of fetid, greenish bloom. After death,... the ghostly hollow network of its woody skeleton... makes the moonlight fearful.

Clues and answers

A.Extinct giant herbivore of North AmericaMASTODON
B.Product derived from oil sandsASPHALT
C.Chuckwalla, skink or geckoREPTILE
D.Trees symbolic of immortalityYEWS
E.Harsh, spartan, bare-bonesAUSTERE
F.Raise, elevate, boostUPLIFT
G.Protective cover for a bladeSHEATH
H.Sam Shepard play set on the outskirts of Los Angeles (2 wds.)TRUEWEST
I.Not at all secure; questionableIFFY
J.Crepuscular bird also called a goatsuckerNIGHTHAWK
K.Big trade in the Pacific NorthwestLOGGING
L.Deity or dollar descriptorALMIGHTY
M.Arid region of IsraelNEGEV
N.Melancholy, low, moroseDOWNCAST
O.Column with four sides that taper to an apexOBELISK
P.Pull back in surprised alarmFLINCH
Q.Individualist, maverick (2 wds.)LONEWOLF
R.Stain on an analyst's record?INKBLOT
S.Arboreal amphibian (2 wds.)TREETOAD
T.In need of quenchingTHIRSTY
U.Plant toxic to grazing cattleLOCOWEED
V.Cholesterol-free source of protein (2 wds.)EGGWHITE
W.Energized; given new lifeREFRESHED
X.Material used in many a Spanish missionADOBE
Y.Lepidopteran with prominent eyespots (2 wds.)IOMOTH
Z.Study of cloudsNEPHOLOGY
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